Getting Fired By Gary Vee SAVED MY LIFE

Getting Fired By Gary Vee SAVED MY LIFE

When Rob built his first company, he never imagine Gary Vee would one day fire him from his OWN COMPANY! In this episode of Creator’s Stories we are talking to Rob Sandie, Co-Found and CEO of VidIQ, he’s sharing how he put his heart and soul into his company and failed! Plus what he did to use that failure to make something even bigger.

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44 Thoughts to “Getting Fired By Gary Vee SAVED MY LIFE”

  1. This is an amazing story, very inspiring!!

  2. Rob is absolutely right. Success takes months and months of hard work and sometimes disappointment along the way. You absolutely need to stay laser focused on your path. It took our channel about 8 years and finally in the last week we have become a member of the YouTube Partner Program. In the last 6 months our channel has grown to almost 2500 Subscribers and a large number of views on a daily basis. This success and sometimes pain still drives our company to be better every single day. I didn't think being the owner of a freelance Breaking News Video Service would & could be so rewarding even if it took 7 years to get where we are today. I am finally able to do what I love full time and continue to grow a team, have fun, enjoy what I do, And Support my family.

    On A Side Note: I also want to thank Tim and Video Creators. We have been going through their 30 Days to A Better YouTube Channel. If you haven't checked out the Video Creators 30 Days to A Better YouTube Channel Course your definitely missing out on great opportunities to grow

  3. What an inspiring story! I have been signed up for Vid IQ for quite a while.

  4. I would like to see this guy do a video on Where he purchased his
    subscribers. 3,800 views in 4 days with 500.000 subscribers. Almost
    laughable. But not….sick Youtube allows this BS. Fake Channel

  5. Wow, this is great stuff. Honest and open sharing. Subscribed!

  6. Wow. I got to see this video in time and I'm motivatedto continue my journey amidst all the failures, debt, temporary closure I'm facing right now.

    Thank you for sharing and I'll definitely go harder at achieving my goals. Salute

  7. All of your content is always so awesome and valuable. Tim how can I get the join button to be on mobile ? I have memberships unlocked. I see that your channel has it visible on mobile. I can only get it on desktop. Thanks again !

  8. I used Viddler way back in the day before YouTube. It was one of the few options I had. Super thankful for its existence. It kept me going, kept me creating. Grateful. I even recall Rob emailing me at one point answering a troubleshooting question. Solid guy and deserves the success.

  9. Anonymous

    rejection is an important part of success. it could give constructive criticism, and it could make you work harder. this channel is amazing. thank you for everything 🙂 because of you I have grown a lot

  10. Bro was you buying subs how you got helf a million subs and the most views you get is 13k and under

  11. Quite motivational, thanks!

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  13. It is wild when you sit down and utilize a tool / application and just take it as that, a tool / application. Then you hear the backstory for it and you are like wow, there really so much more than than just this thing. I am really enjoying this series!! 👍👍👍

  14. Right now i view youtube as my hobby, and busy work while im in quarantine. I started about a week before they shut new york down so i have had time to make my videos, let them sit a few days, go back and watch them, and mark down what i can do to improve them. My last video i am super proud of from the thumbnail to the editing. However theres still things i found to improve on.I love doing this youtube stuff, and while i dont do daily content right now, im always thinking of new topics to do, or what i can do in a better way. I dont think ill make it a full time thing ever, but if im doing it to challenge myself and learn new skills and meet new people, im ok with that.

  15. Super interesting story. Cool to hear how VidIQ got started!

  16. Nice to hear the story background. Tim, Rob, Gary, great guys. Well done Rob building your business though thick and thin. – Dane

  17. I was on the edge of my seat when Rob was talking about the lead up to the demo day!

  18. Cheers for the inspirational story of Rob and his journey to create a wonderful product that we all can use.

  19. It's really inspiring to see how Rob turned things around and created a product that all of us YouTubers really benefit from whether were using the free version or paying for it.👍👍👍

  20. Wow Tim what a super inspiring story!! These series are awesome. I feel like I’m at a very similar point in my life right now. I want to be able to do YouTube full-time within one year from now or less. I know if I just push through and stay focused like you say, I can make it happen. Thanks for all your videos and podcasts. Big fan ! ✌️😊

  21. I take it VidIQ is better than TubeBuddy? Lol I’ve been looking at both. Paid for a one time small upgrade on TubeBuddy and there doesn’t seem to be many features until you pay the very expensive options.

  22. MAN THIS IS THE CHANNEL FOR ME♥️…I've been following up for a while and taken all the advices and jumped out of my comfort zone. And now I'm on a target to make millions. I'm about to post a video in a next few minutes. I would love some support or feedback. So hit subscribe and check it out. Peace ✌

  23. Awesome story! Nice to hear that he paid-it-forward for your business!

  24. I want anyone who is reading this comment to know this. You can make it, just keep trying and pressing. I believe in you. Follow your dreams!

  25. I remember the Viddler days with Rob. My first monetized vlogs. Such a great guy. Glad he got succesful on the next step with VidIQ

  26. Excellent story! Gotta stick with it, especially when it's hard. Great message.

  27. Wow, beautiful story Tim! Many thanks for sharing your intimacy, vulnerability and hope. Continued best wishes on your mission to make the world a better place!

  28. Tim, good job telling the story!

  29. This a great episode Quality Storytelling Like a mini documentary I really Enjoy this approach and appreciate the extra effort this must have taken to produce . Such a great way to get a message across , Facing adversity and being persistent & perseverant . it's interesting to hear how Vid IQ started and all the connections between you ,Rob & Gary vee and More. Great Episode great work look forward to more Take Care

  30. Great video!! Thanks for sharing his story. Love the way this is edited and the beach shots. It all gave me the warm fuzzies.

  31. Great story, very inspiring, plus i now know why you were never too hot on Tubebuddy, lol. Thanks for sharing. I thought this would be premium content.

  32. Great story. This process is hard, but to find success, you've got to stay LASER FOCUSED on the path to get there. ESPECIALLY when it hurts. I wrote that one down. It's so true. I love VidIQ, use it so many times a week. I found this story so interesting, and I appreciate the human element to a company, and being able to relate the creator struggle to even a giant like VidIQ. Thanks for sharing Rob's story. 🤓

  33. Great story and video, guys. Really enjoyed it. Congrats on the success, Rob!

  34. Thank you for this video! Grinding out a new channel is hard and I needed to see this today. Keep up the great work 🙌

  35. what was that Tim was doing early on the video? travel??? wow impossible…lol

  36. This video could not have come at a better time! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational stories and providing me the motivation to keep going and not lose hope. God bless you both!

  37. That is so cool. I’ve heard Tim’s backstory tons of times, but I never heard of the connection with VidIQ and Rob helping him out!
    This was an encouraging story! Going to continue keeping my eye on these creator stories!
    Thanks Tim and Team!

  38. To archive success, it's hard at beginning but
    No matter how hard it is we should not give up 🏆

  39. This was awesome thank you

  40. I"m using Tube Buddy (because of some of the side perks like music) and Morningfame. I do like ViD IQ though I can't use 3 things!

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