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Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where Gary answers questions in a much more detailed, slower format. He gets deep! In this episode, Gary answers questions on the state of the music industry, how to prioritize your ambitions, what to do as a restaurant during quarantine, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee… Enjoy!


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49 thoughts on “Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

  1. Was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring up Bald & Bankrupt to Gary! Please Gary, react to it on video!!!!

  2. The best Tea with Gary for the last 7 days 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hi GaryVee


    It is everybody’s wish to be as successful as you, but your talent is the secret of everything.

    I am Abdul Razak Abdullah, a rice specialist.

    I am educating and promoting rice to the world.

    I do hope to get guidance from you as food is very inorganic now a days.

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    Do hope to be like you.

  4. “ When you use consuming as a justification that you’re doing, you tend to get unhappy” – quote of the year 👌🏼

  5. So EPIC!!!!! Thank you so much for this content!

  6. Robby sounds like the man! Hope he's sticking to it and thriving. Awesome content as always Gary.

  7. "nobody gives a F$#% about production… I got F$#%ed up hair…"

  8. Gary what clicks for me with you is the lack of weight you place on others opinions, you don't let it alter your path or ambitions.

  9. Man, when Gary told that guy to write the pages to all his stories, I honestly got chills down my spine. So amazing!

  10. Does anyone know if Robby set up his Instagram? I would like to support him.

  11. Guys it you love GARY VEE come check out the show i started because of this guy!! TY UNCLE G !

    The Billi Or Bust Show !
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  12. Really agree with the growth advice. Hiring your weaknesses is key. Some people go wrong by hiring different versions of themselves and wonder why it is hard to make progress in certain areas haha.

  13. Omg! I wanna to be on Garys show too !

  14. These tips were exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  15. @GaryVee : I’m from Bangalore, India and I listen to this show everyday.Your perspective on business, life and almost everything in between has played such a pivotal role in liberating this 32yr old comedian in so many ways. Not getting in the long interesting story of how GaryVee to me was initially the “foulmouthed entrepreneur my friend follows” but is now “the simplest, empathetic and straightforward businessman I can think of”. Thank you for putting your heart out there Gary. Hopefully we’re gonna be able to chat one of these days🙂

  16. Gary Vee always saves you from complete passion suicide.
    I'm a Photographer in Jersey. Check me out if you can!

  17. I don't recognize the presentation, does anyone know what platform they are using to present the multiple screens and having the producer in the background running it? It resembles Teams, but definitely isn't.

  18. With that last caller, Robby, it would be beneficial for both parties if he perhaps collaborated with an up and coming illustrator on Instagram. They are both starting from scratch, both needing exposure, and can help each other – words that need picture, and pictures that could do well with a good story. Obviously not every post, especially if he's pumping out content, but every so often. Collabs are great if value is given to both parties.

  19. Thank you for providing positivity during a very dark time. June has been intense for me and I've been struggling. So thank you 💚

  20. Last 20 mins of this is exactly what I needed to hear. GaryVee is the 🐐 godsend

  21. This was an awesome episode! Glad Gary really honed in with Robby and his story- I related so much to this too.

  22. Robby, I agree with Gary! I have a feeling your story will be made into a movie!

  23. Garry Veee my mAn! You Inspired me so much that I started my own YouTube channel just like you because I look up to you so much and you are the best YouTube or ever and I want to be exactly like it thank you Gary vee

  24. did someone find that robbie guy? he is so adorable

  25. How to even make a company and make money as a 17 year old i did love to know.

  26. Does anyone know how often Gary responds to texts when you message him?

  27. I like the last segment with Robby. I started doing what I like to do on the side, which is making YouTube videos. Even though my channel is still very small, it's ok because I like making the videos.

  28. Man, that Robby story hit me hard. 42:55 Gary you inspired me…just by reading my story on youtube, is a piece of content, like an visual audiobook. No fancy animation or pictures, just the face and read with a shit camera. I'm thinking of doing something like that, a version of it. It reminded me of George McFly from Back to the Future, Gary was the Marty motivation.

  29. Serious question. After watching Gary, does anyone feel the need to talk like Gary when talking to friends? Lmao.

  30. Needed some motivation! Thanks Gary! Good luck Robby! Really awesome talk with Gary! You got it bro!

  31. MY ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION OF THE DAY: Your teaching from so many angles. There are SO MANY answers from me personally, but if I had to pick one, it would be when you say, “Watch what I do.” You not only are sharing your knowledge and wisdom, but guiding our eyes to discover even more. It also sheds light on your consistency between what you say and do. I guess this is the culminating experience for all the trust building you have done. But, you you got me before I heard that phrase. And, that phrase also added other dimensions to my growing awareness of this field and added more on the trust side even though—just added even more value because I could do even more and got even more insights from all the value you already bring. A close second is to pull from both sides. I really liked this show a lot because it broke down another element that gave me more clarity in pulling from both sides—I don’t matter much and keep it humble. You say that in another way when you talk about the two sides, but it was something about how the guest (young writer) and the context and how you said it this time. So many nuances here and explanation which are my fav Gary Vee moments. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  32. advice please Gary? on someone who's been in big companies working hard but tired of their shit as they don't pay enough and they promote ass lickers instead of people with studies experience and knowledge?!?!?! thinking now to continue my old hobby creating music tracks and covers for videos, is music industry growing during covid19 or not really?! THANKS YO!

  33. Yo! 42:46 That kid is exactly my clone finally i been waiting for someone this relatable for ever. I'm a fiction writer not for books but for movies and a gamer. All i do is play videos games which inspire the creative flow of my screenwriting. I havent put shit out to the public at all, but man after hearing the advice Gary gave that dude it helped me out a lot. I need to start posting shit asap, even the tiktok ideas as well. I can read my script on tiktok and youtube, i can even make youtube gaming videos because it relates to how i can inspired to write shit. This was an awesome episode and right down my lane. Robby i dont know if you'll ever read this comment, or if garys team can get this to you but another way to share your stories online is to make web comics or graphic novels. Team up with an artist and build a community around your fiction writing as a graphic novel or webcomic sell merch around your characters etc thats what im going to be doing to spread my screenplay ideas on social. Get business cards to with your social media links in case you run into a book agent or a publication house representative in a random ass supermarket. Etc man this video got my hyped af!

  34. Garrett Glynn was the best guest on this one. Didn't fawn over Gary and was real and honest. 👏👍

  35. I have some OLD WWF wrestling cards that Gary might want! And I agree… They are very under priced right now!

  36. Gary has no idea how short life is. He always says unlimited time. He also doesn't realize how fast time passes. 10 years goes by in a blink. No we don't have unlimited time. We can't all just quit our jobs and support our family with our hobbies.

  37. I can resonate with Robby 42:51 – I am dyslectic and writing is horrible to master, to put into perspective it's like have dwarfism wanting to play at the NBA. So I never thought I could actually be a writer. Interestingly school forced me to write and slowly level up my grammar skill which kind of gave me confidence to give a go at it. Ultimately I started writing and have a blast with it (especially the draft). In the end I decided to take additional grammar courses at the university to get at least to an acceptable level, the teacher was awesome which kind of eased the course or me – because yeah… grammar is my cryptonite. At the moment I'm at the editing phase and trying to understand my craft to a for myself acceptable level. I am not planning to submit it to a publisher as I am pretty sure they won't understand my story type (more Asian styled story instead of western) and I do actually understand money (and want to regulate it myself which I think is a plus in self publishing). That tip of yours is great Gary.

  38. What's A to A and B to B etc? What's A,B,C,D stand for?

  39. I love this guy….keep up the great work.
    I hope our paths cross oneday.

  40. Got up early and went for a run and listened to tea with Gary V. Thanks for the motivation 🙌🏼

  41. Ah jaysis. Robbie if you see this, I really hope you write those pages. Wishing you every success. Gary these segments are so motivating because I can see the change and validation that you’re giving someone while showing them how to harness their hustle. Loved this video! I’m starting a small business and I am so motivated by all of these conversations. Thank you!

  42. Hey Robby, if you're reading, please let us know how to follow you.

  43. This life is challenging at the best of times so don't settle for anything less than what you thouroughly enjoy

  44. 🙌🙌 love it! I was going to ask Miriam's ig and then you did it! That was great thanks all!

  45. To the science fiction guy: adhd is not a disability, it’s a gift. Especially in your field. As we don’t have a filter we can be way more creative than others. Due to that all people who really generated change/impact have adhd. Steve jobs, seth godin, bill gates, elon musk, michael jordan, many great authors/artists, etc. just google it, the list is huge! You just need to do what you really care about and it will activate the phenomenal hyper-focus. Remember, we only suck at stuff we are not interested in;)

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