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Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where Gary answers questions in a much more detailed, slower format. He gets deep! In this episode, Gary answers questions on the state of the music industry, how to prioritize your ambitions, what to do as a restaurant during quarantine, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee… Enjoy!


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47 thoughts on “Get Motivated By Working On Your Passion | Tea With GaryVee

  1. Powerful shit. Positive energy Gary and team. Doing the bull dance, feeling the flow

  2. I want to know how Robby is doing.
    Thank you Gary for being such an encouragement at a time where everything is changing so fast. Hope you are doing ok✌️🌏

  3. Hey Gary Vee, did Robby create his Instagram Profile? I would love to support him ✌️❤️✊

  4. ✌️ Norman Peale famously said change your thoughts and you change your world. Top entrepreneurs have that @evenkingsfall (His Instagram name) THINK BIG mindset! Good content as always 🖤

    You preach patience and I believe I have it I’m happy and content with where I’m at and I’m only 22 you say you read it all I and believe you’ll see this too but I want more out of my life I know I can do more but I’m lazy as fuck after work because I love my job and make enough money to be lazy. I’m going to change that I just want you to ask me if I did it so I can tell you I failed when I don’t get off my ass

  6. when gary is speaking to the guy at the end about writing pages, is he talking about blogging and on the internet or physically writing?

  7. Does anyone know what happened to Robby? Did he set up a social and start writing?? I really want to know!

  8. the section with robby was really powerful

  9. Hey Gary, your last call with Robby really clicked for me! I've been grappling with how to put out my own fiction writing, because it feels strange to put that kind of content on social media (probably because I spent most of my life consuming it via traditional media), but I really processed your advice for Robby, and I'm going to give it a shot! So, I thank you with all my heart 👌🏽

  10. Motivation gets you started, but passion is what keeps you going 🔥

  11. A

    Great interview gents. What’s everyone been reading in lockdown? this book on structuring organizations has massively helped me business wise.

  12. Ohh Garry Vee you are the man! I’m just one of those small youtubers who seems to give up yet when I saw this it gives me hope. Thank you, please continue inspiring people like me.

  13. Holy shit, the conversation with the final guest you had literally made me cry.

    I'm in the same situation, I've just graduated with a degree in something I don't like, first class honours, top of my class, now considering whether I should get a job I'm unlikely to enjoy for the next few years to save money to pursue my passion. Then he said he wanted to be a writer and my heart broke because SAME (together with also wanting to be an artist and a bunch of other passions I can't seem to chose between but writing is definetely pretty high up the list).

    Thank you so much for everything you said to him, I'm going to relisten to this a million times now and get to work <3

  14. ​Awesome! Awesome show Gary This is a great community we have right here ! Take care hommies ! Let's connect aspiring Youtubers!

  15. As a writer, this clicked for me. Thank you, Gary!

  16. Gary, since I'm black, and I'm opressed by white privilege, does that mean I should abandon my dream of starting my business, since white folks are just going to destroy my goals?

  17. Gery Vee I love your motivation and am moved by it I just created my first video and would like some support…..those who were also moved should indicate a like or comment below

  18. I can directly relate to this.
    Check out some amazing business and motivation related videos on this you tube channel guys.https://www.youtube.com/c/DivyaShlokam

  19. Woah Gary is so inspiring my passion is to do YouTube if anyone can show me some support I’m and following my dreams come stop by and give me a sub

  20. Welp, this is where I feel safe… So if you have a second, I recorded the pandemic ruining my Event business. We interviewed Elizabeth Smart, documented an earth quake and went through a weird break up. I wasn't brave enough to put this out there until now, but here it is:
    @ – ( This is 1 of a few videos on my channel.)

  21. 42:46 God send me here may be I'm watching this. My current situation I hate hate hate my Job but that's my only income for my family I'm 28 but I have huge passion in YouTube especially in facts channel may be vlogs in future I'm sure I can crack that because in my regional language it's still not saturated but I don't have an income to leave that job but with that job I can't continue my passion it's sooo stressful and mentally torturing what to do ????

  22. Daily Hustle Energy! Thank you Gary!

  23. Was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring up Bald & Bankrupt to Gary! Please Gary, react to it on video!!!!

  24. The best Tea with Gary for the last 7 days 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  26. “ When you use consuming as a justification that you’re doing, you tend to get unhappy” – quote of the year 👌🏼

  27. So EPIC!!!!! Thank you so much for this content!

  28. Robby sounds like the man! Hope he's sticking to it and thriving. Awesome content as always Gary.

  29. "nobody gives a F$#% about production… I got F$#%ed up hair…"

  30. Gary what clicks for me with you is the lack of weight you place on others opinions, you don't let it alter your path or ambitions.

  31. Man, when Gary told that guy to write the pages to all his stories, I honestly got chills down my spine. So amazing!

  32. Does anyone know if Robby set up his Instagram? I would like to support him.

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  34. Really agree with the growth advice. Hiring your weaknesses is key. Some people go wrong by hiring different versions of themselves and wonder why it is hard to make progress in certain areas haha.

  35. Omg! I wanna to be on Garys show too !

  36. These tips were exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  37. @GaryVee : I’m from Bangalore, India and I listen to this show everyday.Your perspective on business, life and almost everything in between has played such a pivotal role in liberating this 32yr old comedian in so many ways. Not getting in the long interesting story of how GaryVee to me was initially the “foulmouthed entrepreneur my friend follows” but is now “the simplest, empathetic and straightforward businessman I can think of”. Thank you for putting your heart out there Gary. Hopefully we’re gonna be able to chat one of these days🙂

  38. Gary Vee always saves you from complete passion suicide.
    I'm a Photographer in Jersey. Check me out if you can!

  39. I don't recognize the presentation, does anyone know what platform they are using to present the multiple screens and having the producer in the background running it? It resembles Teams, but definitely isn't.

  40. With that last caller, Robby, it would be beneficial for both parties if he perhaps collaborated with an up and coming illustrator on Instagram. They are both starting from scratch, both needing exposure, and can help each other – words that need picture, and pictures that could do well with a good story. Obviously not every post, especially if he's pumping out content, but every so often. Collabs are great if value is given to both parties.

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