Get 42 ready made messages for eBay dropshipping customer support (FREE gift)

Get 42 ready made messages for eBay dropshipping customer support (FREE gift)

As you know, it’s not only about getting sales and profit but it’s also about providing good customer support for your clients, handling returns and cases properly so you can maintain a good account status and why not becoming an eBay top rated seller.

In this video, I want to share with you 42 premade professional messages that will help you to manage customer service when you are Dropshipping on eBay.

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4 Thoughts to “Get 42 ready made messages for eBay dropshipping customer support (FREE gift)”

  1. Lior – these templates are great, but it's hard to use them in AutoDS. The reason is that the window where it shows the template name is very small – maybe 10 characters, while the template names are sometimes 20 or more characters in length. So it's very hard to see what template you want t o choose in the reply. Please make the template selection field 30 to 60 characters in length so it'll be easier to see the full name of the template.

  2. Is this service/site of service free for a
    beginner dropshipper on ebay?

  3. FYI, the video you uploaded as promotional for your drop shipping business sucks. the audio especially is terrible and that alone makes me want to click the Skip… better audio man.

  4. S C

    Thank you that is really helpful, Regarding Amazon, does it matter if my amazon ac is fresh and prime is still under free trail ? can I still use gift cards for funding. ?

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