Generate Press + Elementor WordPress Tutorial (FREE Version) – Complete Website Build!

WordPress Tutorial – Generate Press + Elementor

In this video you’ll learn to build a complete website from scratch – using the free versions of GeneratePress theme and the free version of Elementor page builder.

CSS used in the video is shown below here – cut & paste into your customizer:

Additional CSS to remove the GeneratePress footer text (removes the copyright info and GeneratePress link):

.copyright-bar {
display: none;

Additional CSS to remove the entire footer black bottom bar:

.site-info {
display: none;



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32 Thoughts to “Generate Press + Elementor WordPress Tutorial (FREE Version) – Complete Website Build!”

  1. Isn't it better to activate the child theme first and work on that?

  2. Hello! Very god! Congratulations! Thank you for this tutorial! Perfect!

  3. Thanks for this tutorial.
    But where I am having challenges in how to remove the "Tags" on homepage and single page, please.
    Also, I want to create a Post listing site (that is post list with only Titles and without feature images), please any video to do this or where to navigate in my Generate Press or Elemetor to achieve all this request, please.

    Thanks, and I pray for more wisdom and energy to help you continue with this good work of yours. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Alex, Thanks for this beautiful video. Could you please suggest how can we have a mega menu in Generatepress theme.

  5. isnt it possible to change the header image?

  6. Thank you so much!
    Your voice is very soothing, and the content was very very informative.

  7. Kisses from India ❤️ Man this is just awesome but still indian cricket team is better than aussies 😁❤️

  8. Great video with a great deal of useful information. Thank you very much. I have one question. After I have set up my homepage on the dashboard how do I get all the pages to look like it? I built the homepage, now I want to use it as a foundation/template for all the other pages to look like it.

  9. Hello, do you also have a guide to change the search results page? I have this theme and the shopping bag is shown twice

  10. I just love Aussies. They're creative and practical at the same time. Great job, man! Thanks a lot for your great tutorial.

  11. Hi ! Nice tutorial but when I try to delete the copyright of IdeaSpot, all the footer is deleted, have you a tips ?

  12. Thank you so much for putting such efforts and creating such an amazing video. Keep up the good work.

  13. Thank you for this awesome tutorial!
    It helps me a lots, give me many ideas, and how to implement my own layout and content into the theme.

  14. Love!! All the way from India.
    Thank you so much IdeaSpot for taking the time and preparing this awesome tutorial. It's a relief for a lot of newbies working with WordPress.
    I had a small query,
    Is the schema markup of GeneratePress affected by using Elementor with GeneratePress? As it might hamper the SEO for the website.
    Thanks again.

  15. Please help me out here. Should i use generatepress pro or kadence theme? Which one is better?

  16. Hi, Nice video. Can you please make a video on Generate press premium ? I have heard it's much powerful and better than free version.

  17. Great video. But I want to remove only the generatepress link from my footer. How can I do it? Not the whole footer. Just the link. Please help.

  18. Nice, but extremely poor in performance, your speed test will come under 60, and google is gonna hammer you for that, if you wanna rank high find fast theme, not fancy look

  19. Hey Alex, this is a very good tutorial thanks for doing it.
    I have one question, I would like to use a plugin (Elementor – Header, footer & blocks) but I would need to remove the built in header and footer. Is there a way to remove the Header as well as the footer entirely?
    thanks in advance for your help.

  20. Hi Alex, thank you for sharing, this was such an easy tutorial to follow, cheers man 🙂

  21. nice video! what I dont get is the difference between "custom link" and "Page". Why do you use a custom link for the "About" section and not a Page?

  22. Thank yu very much for this detailed tutorial Sir!
    I am a beginner and this saved me.
    God bless yu.
    Yu deserve the best.

  23. Brilliant tutorial, thanks for putting this live. You have a soothing approach to speaking that makes learning pretty easy 👍🏻

  24. thank you !best tutoorial!!

  25. Just curious, does removal of the copyright attribution violate the theme’s terms and agreements?

  26. Hi, thank you for taking the time to create this awesome video tutorial. You ave an excellent stye of teaching. I greatly appreciate it. You've answered some questions I had about using Elementor. Superb job. I wish you the best in 2020 and beyond.

  27. Very helpful video.. Can we use the plugins listed to create an exact site like I do have pro version of GP only.

  28. Just fantastic. I appreciate your job.

  29. Great Tutorial. Helped a lot..!! Thanks mate

  30. From last so many days I was finding this kind of tutorial.. IdeaSpot Thanks you very much for this work..

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