GaryVee & Samuel Leeds Talk Real Estate Investing

GaryVee & Samuel Leeds Talk Real Estate Investing

GaryVee & Samuel Leeds Talk Real Estate Investing
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Property investor, Samuel Leeds and legendary entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk (more commonly known as GaryVee) sit down during his VaynerMedia 4Ds programme to discuss the world of real estate investing. Gary is arguably the best digital marketer in the game and has so much knowledge to share, here is what he thinks of investing in property!

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23 Thoughts to “GaryVee & Samuel Leeds Talk Real Estate Investing”

  1. Please can you tell me where my book is #64410. I ordered it over two weeks ago. I tried to reach out to your team but no one had got back to me.



    Public service announcement: DO NOT PART WITH YOUR MONEY WITHOUT DOING YOUR RESEARCH, The property investor team are EXPERT sellers and will likely sell you overpriced courses and programs that other reviews on trust pilot have shown to be A WASTE OF MONEY.

    I’m a doctor who made a long journey to come to the free crash course. Being on call the night, and staying late to look after unwell patients, I was late to the start of the course and will likely be charged the 100 pound fee.

    So I arrived around 11ish. The morning involved some dancing and jumping (strange I know) which was unexpected but not necessarily bad. This was followed by a morning talk by Samuel Leeds about financial freedom and how property is the real wealth creator for all the millionaires of the world. This is followed by lunch around 2’oclock. I came back from lunch 3 minutes late and was told I’d have to pay 10 POUNDS to get back into the talk. I was told this was going to charity but on my bank statement is says SAMUEL LEEDS LTD, and as such I’ve been shown no evidence that is actually going to charity expect for a verbal agreement.

    Samuel is a great teacher and provides some great insight on the course. He runs through each of the techniques; single lets, HMO’s, and touches on R2R and option lease’s, and runs through a live example of how to find a property. He encourages some small white lies to estate agents, but nothing that sounds illegal in nature, if not morally questionable. The whole experience is filled with positivity, clapping and dancing He then gives you the chance to split into small groups and find deals, and then the best deal is brought on stage to be shown to the whole group. He provides you with a sheet of paper that shows you how to work out return on investment.

    This is where the teaching stops. While Samuel is a great teacher, he is a better SALES person. He spends the next 90 minutes using all the COMMON and EFFECTIVE sales techniques to get you to part with excessive amounts of money to sign up to his courses, and INSANE amounts of money on his academy. He tells you this is the last Deal finding package he is EVER personally doing and promises you a special price that is down from $7000 to $2000, and that you need to SIGN UP NOW.

    Him and his team pressure you into making a quick IMPULSE buy. He even selectively reads out reviews about HIMSELF from his students in an effort to sell to you. Convenient that he skips all the all the HORRIBLE reviews. I feel so bad for all the regular people who have parted with thousands of pounds because of his intense sales techniques.

    I left in the evening after reading all the other reviews and speaking to other attendees, as I could not stand around and just watch people throw away their life savings. I felt if I stayed any longer I would have caused a scene by CALLING HIM OUT ON HIS SALES TECHNIQUES. While the course was alright, it provides you with nothing you can't learn from his youtube videos. Go for yourself but please for the LOVE OF GOD do not buy into his overpriced and pressured courses.

    I envy Samuel and his company because, in the space of about 30 minutes, they must have pressured ordinary people to part with in excess of 200,000 pounds when accumulated. People have mentioned that he makes 90% of his money from his courses and teaching and that only 10% comes from his property business and IM NOT SURPRISED. He racks hundreds of thousands of pounds weekly from his programs.

    Despite all that I’ve said, I still appreciate the information and inspiration Samuel provides in his books and youtube channel, and he has given me the tools to begin my life in property. I would give his youtube channel a 9/10, his course (until the UPSELLING begins) a 5/10. I have nothing against Samuel, and think he is extremely smart for using his amazing techniques to make MILLIONS of pounds, I just feel so bad for all the regular people who will depart with money they could of used to put down on a house, and instead give it to him to LINE his POCKETS. He talks a lot about WIN WIN, but this seems like WIN for Samuel, LOSS for your bank account.

    Samuel if you read this, well played to you, you are making a killing, I just wonder how it doesn't kill your soul.

    Kind Regards

  3. No advertising at all? I've seen Samuel Leeds ads on YouTube for months

  4. Wow that’s the first video I haven’t heard Gary swear lol

  5. I've ordered both of your books 3 weeks ago and haven't received anything. Order #64273 and Order #64278. I've emailed several times in regards to this and have had no replies. This is appalling customer service, and would like my money back!

  6. Can I buy a property with a BTL Mortgage, add value to the property, and then refinance that mortgage, pulling out my initial 25% down Payment?

  7. Avoided the question there. "What do you do when the market crashes?"

    It will crash 50% or more at some point. What do you do then?

    Not trying to be a dick, but what would you do?

  8. k a

    What an underwhelming video that was! Samual Leeds I assume that was just the preview to the full interview/video?

  9. Hey Samuel, I learned a LOT about UK property from you and your associates (your brother too, but mostly Alistair) and I wanted to say thanks.

  10. Cool to see you two together. You two got me really thinking lately. Time to act now!

  11. Hi samuel, what would be the best thing to do you had 30k to invest in right now? Thank you.

  12. Hi Samuel, I’m 17 and looking to get into real estate your YouTube has helped me a lot so far I nearly have 5k saved!

  13. 1k more subs Samuel then you gotta do the financial freedom challenge

  14. Since the move to London these videos seem to have taken a rather odd direction…

  15. Awesome. Could you do a video to explain what gary meant by being a broker going into a entrepeneur?

  16. Actually your property advert showed up on YouTube, when you were saying no advert at all.

  17. Hi Samuel – I see lot of your adverts on YouTube, but you say don't advertise at all. Contradictory.

  18. You can so tell that Garyvee is not excited one bit which is quite funny because Gary is so hyper normally and he hates 'passive' income and doesnt believe in it at all is probably why samuel didnt put more then a couple minutes of his interview online 😂

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