Gary Vee's ADVICE On How To DEFEAT SELF-DOUBT So You Live A Life Of NO REGRETS |Gary V & Lewis Howes

Gary Vee's ADVICE On How To DEFEAT SELF-DOUBT So You Live A Life Of NO REGRETS |Gary V & Lewis Howes

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Gary and his family immigrated to the US from Belarus in 1978. He lived with 8 family members in a studio apartment in Queens, New York, before relocating to Edison, New Jersey. Gary often calls himself a “purebred entrepreneur,” having successfully started a lemonade franchise at age 7 and eventually selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of baseball cards and toys throughout his high school career.

At 14, he joined his family business bagging ice for $2/hr. When Gary identified “the internet” as a land-grab opportunity in the late ’90s, he transitioned his father’s local liquor store into one of the first e-commerce platforms for alcohol in the country resulting in explosive top-line growth. Renaming the business to “Wine Library,” Gary grew his father’s company from $3-60MM in sales during his tenure at Wine Library.

After growing his family business through what Gary calls “underpriced attention,” including the impact of content, e-commerce, email marketing, and Google AdWords, Gary began his own journey of producing original business content as the voice of entrepreneurship online.

Gary is currently the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Today, Gary has more than 12M combined followers across social media. He’s the host of The GaryVee Audio Experience, a top 100 global podcast, and host of #AskGaryVee, a business and advice Q&A show on both YouTube and Facebook.

Gary is a highly sought after public speaker, a 5-time New York Times bestselling author, as well as a prolific angel investor with early investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber. The list of his accomplishments, business endeavors, and charitable donations truly goes on and on!

If you want to hear more wisdom from Gary, check out Episode 41 and Episode 595 where he shares more about entrepreneurship and struggling with insecurity.

But for now, join me on Episode 955 to learn the secrets to successful entrepreneurship and a healthy family life with the incredible Gary Vaynerchuk!


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38 Thoughts to “Gary Vee's ADVICE On How To DEFEAT SELF-DOUBT So You Live A Life Of NO REGRETS |Gary V & Lewis Howes”

  1. What's the biggest lesson Gary Vee has taught you? Let me know!

  2. Great interview @LewisHowes! I needed some Gary Vee in my head in this difficult times.

  3. Wow, great interview! Thank you. So much energy, but most importantly, GOOD energy.

  4. I have also learnt that kindness is not a weakness. You can be corporate and be kind. You can be rich and be kind. It's not about being greedy and showy, but how can I be of service to others, instead of asking from others all the time.

  5. Just go out and do it. I have started my podcast after 3 years of procrastinating, thinking there are people like Lewis Howes,Tim Ferriss, what do I have to contribute? He literary helped just start without thinking about what will others think of me, etc. One day I shall interview both you and Gary. You also helped me during my dark days also. Thank you Lewis!!

  6. Lewis is Amazing! This is one of my favorite Channels Ever! I love following the videos he shares and it got me focused in being one of the best growing entrepreneurs! I take his videos seriously and I hope everyone does as well. I will be working on my own YouTube Channel and will be creating more content in the near future. While I build my channel, hopefully you could Subscribe and check out my upcoming Videos!
    Thank you everyone for the support! You guys are amazing for also Subscribing to Lewis! Check it out here:

  7. Things learned from Gary Vee…

    Change is constant and the only constant,embrace it.

    Be very observant, as much as Gary talks he very observant and more than what people give him credit for.

    Charity can be time as well. Gary gave Lewis time in 2009/2010 not knowing were he will be. Look at Lewis now😊

  8. So good. Grateful + humble.

  9. Biggest fans of Gary are from India… Hands down 😁😄😄😄

  10. Great interview! Kudos for these two great minds 🙌

  11. Gary Vee you will never ever be shunned from society ….I'd run to give you and Lewis a hug !

  12. So wish the all in challenge was available in the UK!

  13. Maybe the best interview with GaryVee. Well done and thanks.

  14. Create content! and Failure leads to success!

  15. motivational speakers everywhere lol

  16. What about thinking of changing or consuming ways and developping business which would preserve environment, meaning protecting our future and our children's?

  17. Thank you so much for recognizing the value of having your mom at home, and the value of her hard work. 😀

  18. To all the guys watching this and thinking they need to have a fancy watch or a shiny car to pull… 'don't let it penetrate your soul' 😉 kindness is so underrated

  19. no matter what happens u in life ALWAYS be grateful and humble for being alive and for those around you

  20. Guys, believe it or not but i dreamed about this podcast yesterday evening (CET).

  21. Lewis I loved your content before the quarantine but everything you've posted since has been so inspiring and relevant to what is going on and how to improve/cope/love/just be! I put it on in the background while I clean/ work. Keep it up, I'm grateful for you and your guests Lewis!

  22. Not caring what people thing. Maybe cliche; but it imperative to moving forward! X

  23. I'm a simple man. I see Gary Vee – I like

  24. Gary PLEASE help find a cure for Crohn's Disease! Both of my adult kids have it and it sucks!!!

  25. This is an enlightening video; love it!! Thank you!

  26. This is what I believe in; If you have an intention to add value, trust the universe and take massive daily action on something you are passionate about, you will be rewarded. This is what pushed me into starting my youtube channel. And even though not many watch me I trust that my efforts will be rewarded one day if I keep pushing forward. 🌟🍀

  27. I totally identified with Gary when talking about eating other people food and drinking from their drinks, etc. I'm the other side of germaphobe LOL

  28. I hope they are thoroughly sanitizing the atm machine 😉 I've ordered from Drizly and it was great! Yes, I prefer text marketing to emails!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Thank you 🙏😇🙏

  30. Amazing energy watching these two legends collide!

    These guys are literally changing the world 24/7 with such brilliant and valuable content.

  31. Check out Jesse Lee Peterson for life advice also. He trolls and has tons of wisdom. Figure it out!

  32. Confidence is everything. You gotta believe in yourself to do anything in life. I’m trying to spread that through message through the content I create. Great video Lewis!

  33. Ugh pure gold. Ed and Gary are two of my favorite people I look up to and having them on Lewis's podcast the same week is like Christmas. Lewis is spoiling us with such great content during this time. Lewis and Tom have been my go-to podcasts during self-isolation. In a selfish way, I love that the people I look up to are doing more interviews on podcasts/lives/youtube because I can learn more from them now than I have been able to in the past.

  34. Lewis Howes you the man you give one of the best advice thank you.You the reason I decided to start my own channel.

  35. hello mr ..I am from Iraq, iam oil engineer and a fan of you, your personality, and your channel. I hope to meet you

  36. The mind can be ur greatest friend or ur worst enemy. I have experienced both sides… 🙏
    How about you, Lewis? Have u experienced self doubt and how do YOU go about it?

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