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In this video Brandon Carter addresses Gary Vaynerchuks mentor video. Disagreement. Mentorship is required in order for you to succeed. We are still great fans of Gary Vee and consume his content daily but we want to prevent people from “working hard” and not getting anywhere just to be “motivational”.


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37 Thoughts to “GARY VEE IS WRONG.”

  1. You can succeed without a mwntor but you won't be fullfiling your potential without having other person/people to share knowledge with you.

  2. You are lucky to have Elliott . He is a legend

  3. What about mentors, who they learn from?

  4. never worry about another man video and never title your video after another person. giving him to much attention

  5. Brandon i love you no homo but i got to disagree with you on this. Because you are actually a example of what he said. When you started out on YouTube doing workout videos you inspired thousands of people to get into shape. I wasnt getting any progress with personal trainers i had and i was paying those guys 100's but you were free and watching you got me in shape just your videos and me at the gym alone.
    You can pay mentors all you want but what really matters is the work you put in. The concepts you get from a mentor you basically can get them for free on youtube. I mean a john maxwell book could takes days to read but you can get all the information you need in 30 min on youtube instead of buying the book. He basically said if you are broke fuck paying people,do hard work, and with the money you save invest that also, then when you get stuck do some research to get yourself out of the bubble. Yes its levels to it as you explained like a navy seal, and kobe, but for avarage people who dont want to be the richest ever but want to have a good lifestyle and move up some tax brackets and classes its golden info.
    You know buy shit below value. Sell for above value or at value

  6. I am personally very influenced by YouTubers and a lot of my mentors are on YouTube, but along with that I also read books and listen to podcasts and apply the advice I get from all those sources into my life. Without self-education, life becomes so much more difficult and it's important to know that we don't have to start from scratch. We can follow the blueprint which other people have used to succeed in every area of our lives.

  7. Book list please Mr BBC! Thank u xxxx

  8. I've gotten quite a lot of value from Gary and managed to launch my first video game on steam the same week I hit 1000 subs, by offering value and documenting my journey…. To each their own but all you've done is cherry picked and paraphrased what you dont even understand and most of it taken totally out of context. Gary doesnt ask for anything.. and frankly, I've found every one of his videos far more helpful than this one of you just complaining. What are you offering that's so wise? In my experience of 40 years on this planet is Any person who focuses on what they dislike about others is on a one way path to loserville.

  9. You can’t be serious right? He said you don’t need mentors and you bring up army and doctors ahaha? You’ve misinterpreted everything he’s said, listen again lol

  10. He doesn’t own the jets at least as of now.

  11. You didn’t understand Gary’s point. If you work hard, that includes studying, and everything in between. Also, Gary most certainly does not say you only need to watch YouTube videos. He specifically says not to waste your time on YouTube, but to keep working toward your goals, in whatever capacity. You make solid points, but you’re debating yourself, not Gary, as you misunderstood his message.

  12. Hey bro I agree with you on your views but don't you think he means it for people that keep complaining about how they need a mentor to get ahead in life almost as an excuse. Also, if we can be pragmatic here, the mentor-student ratio is not balanced, thus not every person can have a mentor that can guide them through !

  13. That's why I unfollowed a long time ago. I haven't watched any of his videos in a year

  14. Gary has mentioned a million times to work for someone you'd want to learn from, for free for a period of time…. He's constantly explained to use IG to reach out to people for mentors lol I believe you misunderstood a video, and because you don't know his body of work, you ran with it to make this repetitive video.

  15. ED8

    So true! I like Tai Lopez's approach significantly better but I go to GaryV for motivation!

  16. I don't think he's referring to about Doctors and marines. He's talking about people who are looking to start a business. You don't need mentors to start a business, there's no one way to start a business. That's what he's talking about.

  17. Stupidass clickbait title. Gary mentors people for a fuckin living by consulting and telling them how to brand. He's not against mentorship but if you're expecting the mentor to bring you to the top, you're dead wrong. That's what he meant. You don't NEED mentors because this is the age of the internet. There's no SECRET FORMULA out there that isn't already out there online. There's nothing PROFOUND with doing facebook ads;especially Insta. I tried and they WORK. It's something called the internet. It's very silly of you to compare a medical field and the military to entrepreneurship. Those fields have no room for errors and if you do, death is involved. On the other hand, being a marketer or entrepreneur means you grind and make tons of mistakes and keep going. NOT the case for the medical field and definitely NOT the case for being a navy seal. These fields do not require ANY INNOVATION whatsoever. You go to school, read books, and stick with the system where people tell you when to wake up, when to go on a vacation, when to take a shit, and when you get to leave. Same with being a Navy Seal. You're practically trained to be someone's bitch.

    You're "mentors" that involved Tai Lopez, Elliot Hulse, and Dan Lok are dead wrong. The only video over 100K video you got is uhm….YOU GUESSED IT; the video with Dan LOK. You just appeared in their videos for some shortass publicity stunt and even that couldn't help you. If these mentors taught you SO MUCH, why the fuck is you engagement on youtube less than 1%? You must be one stupid ass dude if you had ALLLlll those mentors and you only have 6,000.00 people viewing your channel.

    Do yourself and your channel a favor and provide some VALUE rather than bashing on a guy that actually LIVES the life of success and hardwork. Read his book and you might learn something. Life isn't always about click bait. By the way, my friend bought Tai's courses and templates before. Waste of FUCKING MONEY and BULLSHIT courses about stupid shit that you'd already know just by research: absolute junk. Right now, you just did the whole world a disservice by making them think that these Tai Lopez courses will help them. Mentors help but they're not a necessity and you are living proof. No amount of mentorship can help increase your youtube views outside of Dan Lok's video with you. You may be more successful than me and many people but don't discredit a master sensei expert on his craft.
    I understand that you want views and subscribers but this was a massive bitch move.

  18. people love to search for the bad in things rather than search for the right. the moment something comes near out of context, you start formulating a thought before digging to find exactly what he meant with his intention. no shit just hard work isn’t enough, he says numerous times that you have to work hard and smart obv. no shit you can’t be a doctor without college. no shit you can’t be a navy seal without training from higher people. he’s talking to the people that are trying to start a BUSINESS which in that world, the internet has changed it completely- i didn’t get his ideologies either but i searched for the why and i get it now. and led me to build my own business from the ground up with 0 mentors at 19 years old. i get where you’re coming from- i was there too. I jus decided to keep searching for his real intent before i gave up and created my own

  19. Every opinion is just a perspective anyway. you can't say the truth of everything all at once. i think gary focuses on saying "work work work" cos he is speaking to a mostly entitled, lazy audience. great video though!

  20. I agree with you, hands-on work with an expert is the way. Doctor analogy was funny 😉

  21. videos provide motivation you still have to go out and do

  22. He is just over generalizing it mostly hes a businessman entrepreneur social media marketer and Its actually true you dont need to read any book or mentor to suceed in business

  23. Tai lopez, gary vee , grant cardone or tony robbins in being your mentor. Who you got?

  24. Jesus, I Mean it doesn't take a genius to know that when Gary says work hard

    Does not mean just work hard anyone can figure out that

  25. E30

    I understand your pov but I agree with gary. It's about action

  26. This mentor thing is a new era shit…how many of those self made billionaires had mentors before they build something ? Garry is right…doers do it…readers still reading…entrepreneurship is a players game not an observers game…u gotto fight to learnto fighr…u gotto spar…u cant just hit pads…u gotto learn how to counter how to absorb and how to recover….you cant read how to recover…that said why not do both…problem is most are still reading and looking for mentors while they are not players…just observers…most dont wanna play…its hard to plant the seed and water it every day twice a day 5 times a day…its easy to read how to do it…if informtion was the problem there would not be obesity

  27. Making 8 figures, still taking time to make some youtube videos, as many entreprenors out there.
    There's a lesson to learn right here

  28. your right on the slickkkk

  29. 100% true, we need teachers and mentors. That is how information and important lessons get passed on.

  30. Funny thing is he’s more successful than all these people hating


    People forget that gary also says work for someone who you admire and gain practical knowledge.

    If books were enough to teach you business…harvard professor's should be top business guys!!

  32. The way this is taken out of context🤦🏾‍♂️ smh

  33. I believe you are wrong. Your example don’t hold merit you used basketball, navy seals, and doctors. Which are very specific roles. Entrepreneurship is ever changing. the only benefit you learn you said was organization and maybe some marketing . When we go to college we remember less then 10% of what we learned why? Too much information we don’t need. Reading 100 books does not make you rich.Too many people dream about being rich quick they want the secrets of the successful.

  34. Dude! I agree with you 1000% on mentorship it is EVERYTHING. That has been my bone of contention with Gary since I heard his story.

    His father built a $3 million dollar business they handed him the keys to run the shop and he acts like that had nothing to do with his current success. His father was a millionaire and that is why he KEPT the business and Gary took the lessons he learned and THEN built his own thing.

    If I had a dad, who had a business when I was a kid I would be a billionaire now. I spent decades figuring this shit out my first 5 businesses failed. I took the long way to success mentorship is essential and the smart people know this. #salute

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