Gary Vee (GaryVee) Does NOT Deserve YOUR Attention [SHOCKING TRUTH]

Gary Vee (GaryVee) Does NOT Deserve YOUR Attention [SHOCKING TRUTH]

Gary Vee / Gary Vaynerchuk / GaryVee. I love him, but YOU’RE wasting your time.

Gary Vee is probably the most mentally strong person I’ve encountered.

He works incredibly hard.

Gary Vee loves people.

He has high moral character.

He’s a great businessman.

But…he’s probably not right for YOU.

And the reason is…he’s too perfect.

He believes that people are too similar to himself.

He doesn’t acknowledge that ~90% of his audience is: in debt, addicted to drugs or alcohol, overweight, has bad habits, has poor mental health, is abusive towards their spouses, etc.

So while I think Gary Vee is great for motivational purposes, he’s actually quite hypocritical because he talks about PRACTICALITY.


His message is NOT practical.

Does Gary Vee help people with depression?

Does he inspire alcoholics?

Does it matter if a diabetic woman who’s addicted to pills posts more on Instagram?


And unfortunately, that’s ~90% of his audience, because that’s 90% of the United States.

*So while Gary Vee’s message actually resonates with me, it’s NOT practical with 90%+ of his audience*

As a result, you’re probably wasting your time by listening to Gary Vaynerchuk.

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28 Thoughts to “Gary Vee (GaryVee) Does NOT Deserve YOUR Attention [SHOCKING TRUTH]”

  1. Like, comment, share and subscribe. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below! Remember, I LOVE Gary Vee, I just don't think his message is PRACTICAL for 90%+ of his audience!

  2. So you want others attention by putting GARY'S name.. 😂

  3. This is one of the most truthful videos

  4. I have to admit, you got me with Gary's branded name which caused me to click. I was about 15% with you here, waiting for the true, balanced take you had on Gary and why "we" shouldn't listen to him…until you showed who your disdain is truly aimed at, right about the 4:15 mark.

    You are making HUGE assumptions about your audience. Not Gary's…YOURS.

    Please, sir. Until you make an additional, separate channel focusing on TRULY helping your viewers address mental health issues, and getting off of drugs and whatever else annoys you about "90% of the population", I implore you to continue focusing on selling your trading strategy.
    If Gary began ranting about trading gurus tomorrow, I would address him the same way I'm addressing you today. Take care.

  5. Gary Vee builds businesses though!

  6. Great video on Gary Vaynerchuk

  7. Yes, mental health needs to be focused on more

  8. You're right, but he's also very compelling and charismatic

  9. You might be right with the things you say but the 'way' you say it doesnt help

  10. Couple questions…1. How does your strategy change in a market like this when the market is trending down. Do you sell covered calls? I know you mentioned you like to sell naked options and that is tough for a small account especially naked calls where you can lose a lot.

    2. What’s your opinion of Robinhood and would that work with your strategy since it would save a lot in commission. Thx for feedback

  11. This makes me wanna focus on motivating people to better their mental health and habits like getting out of depression, off of drugs, and in the gym.

  12. I like David's videos and I think he has a sensible approach to trading options. But I find his trading alerts quite overpriced ($349 a month) compared to other options on the marketplace. For example, tastytrade and optionsalpha, are much cheaper and are much larger better established companies with large communities. David promises higher returns than tastytrade and optionsalpha but as far as I can David doesn't have any proprietary strategy. David's seems to favour directional trades (credit spreads and naked puts) over iron condors and butterflies, but he seems to rely on technical analysis and resistance points to determine when a stock has bottomed. For me to subscribe he would have to demonstrate that his system is significantly better than all the others that exist in the market place to justify his higher price.

  13. Hey David I have a suggestion most "gurus/teachers tought there system and make proclamations about how profitable they are but then want up front payment, most small traders/investors barely have enough money to fund a account let alone pay for education, if you believe in your system/method why don't you consider differing payment in lieu of gains ie. Teach your students how to fish than take a portion of their catch for a period a time. Teach them in stages as to ensure the need for them to return and for you to get payment. Basically you get paid if your students paid win/win.

  14. please focus on your work; Stop bitching about others. Nobody cares about about that; that's not why I (most people) watch your video…

  15. I'm thinking Gary Vee's podcast is not meant to target people that have substance abuse & mental problems.

  16. Hi David.

    Can you please make a video on the James Cordier/ disaster?

    Everything lost in an instant by selling naked options. I believe this is the same strategy you use.

    What's to stop the same thing from happening to you and your clients?

    Is naked option selling really just "picking up pennies in front of a steamroller"?


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