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Free Secret Twitter Marketing techniques to increase traffic

Free Secret Twitter Marketing techniques to increase traffic

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Here I have listed 15 step twitter marketing which is practical and easy to deploy. There are Twitter Automation Tools, But it’s not right to suggest them as they may block your account, but you can search them with keywords “Twitter bot” “twitter automation tool” in Google.

1. The name speaks value so keep a twitter handle name that you don’t need to change later.
2. Great looking profile picture with profile banner always adds a punch.
3. Write a killer Bio following many others search “twitter bio” on Google to see leading bio’s and follow them.
4. Building a community is always helpful. You can do this by following your customers, friends, colleagues and other business persons including influencers.
5. Post not just marketing or sales content post exciting content to keep the user attracted.
6. Engage with others by comment and share and invite discussion threads in posts.
7. Never forget to use TAG and Mention they not only connect but also help build your presence stronger.
8. Take Twitter beyond Twitter. How to do that? It’s by linking your Twitter account in your website, sharing tweets in facebook, linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr and other social sites. Asking users to comment in a tweet when writing for Quora or Medium. And embed tweets in blog posts that you write in your or other’s site.
9. Use Hootsuite or Other content marketing tools.
10. Create Marketing list which you can use to segment people among your followers and keep a difference in posting content or sharing topics.
11. Post scheduling is essential as people don’t get to watch your content all the time. So, you can post in the early or late hours of the day to catch people who go to work or from 12 PM to 4 PM when people settle in offices and at home.
11. Your contents should have 80% non-marketing and 20% marketing content.
12. Use attractive post images, use the stock image or video to build them if required.
13. Promote your followers and help them develop their account.
14. Share and embed frequently your tweets understanding that is important.
15. Curate and share trending content from Quora, Youtube, Medium. And get the trending content’s suggestion from Google Trends and Buzzsumo.


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