[Free Course] $0-500K in 60 Days Dropshipping (Shopify & Facebook Ads)

[Free Course] $0-500K in 60 Days Dropshipping (Shopify & Facebook Ads)

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Hey guys, in today’s video we’ll be showing you exactly how we sold over $500k of the exact same product as Gabriel St Germain.

This case study will cover:

– How to get over saturation
– How to find products
– How to research effectively for building stores
– How to Implement our winning ad strategy
– How to get around Facebook ad account disables

All of this and more using our store as an example.

Hopefully this video gives an in-depth view of how you can accomplish results like this for yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or join the Facebook group to get in touch.

We hope you guys get a ton of value out of this, we spent a few weeks organizing and putting together this case study.



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29 Thoughts to “[Free Course] $0-500K in 60 Days Dropshipping (Shopify & Facebook Ads)”

  1. Hope you enjoyed the video! Don't forget to join the FB group if you need additional help with any of these topics 🙂

    ➡️➡️ Facebook Group – http://bit.ly/2ZcPNDJ

  2. wow! this is an awesome video! thank you very much!

  3. 15:50 Do you know that this video advertising violates FB rules?

  4. Wow your communication and editing is on point, you should have way more subs

  5. How can I become your student ?

  6. great video lots of info. very helpful thank you!

  7. im confuse at Phase 1 interest why you pick 'lumber vertbrae + poorposture' instead of massage interest who have $15cpp

  8. for end game phase if unprofitable, what is the point in going back to phase 4 for fb to collect more data if you aren't using any of your previous data?

  9. He is wearing off white hoodie

  10. Thanks a lot for the video bro, it will help me a lot.

  11. Sr I'm from India Sr I want to start dropshoping but I don't know how to start Sr can u help me…

  12. Set up a new storemfrom scratch Please

  13. What did you use to build the landing page? Zipify pages?

  14. I got one big question, does drop shopping only work in the US?

  15. im the only who who lost it when he start with the FB ads?

  16. The best dropshipping video I've ever seen on Youtube. This contains more information than some 200$ dropshipping course

  17. I'm very thankful for all theses informations. In less than 1h of video you gave me more informations than 2 years of practice and researches (I'm doing Google Ads and will jump into a new site & FB marketing very few).

  18. What does it mean : epacket list ? Only 4 locations is corresponding to e-packet ?

  19. Why would you scale it down and cancel ads???

  20. I always see these videos and I notice people talk about "epacket". What is that?

  21. enjoyed the video. smuth and clear, grats sir

  22. God blesses you!
    Thank you so much for the info!

  23. Good information, but is obvious to implement such strategic you need a whole team, he always say we, which mean there's a team work behind him..

  24. Why did you have to scale down?

  25. The tut is very good. The ads part was a bit too fast for me, i will need to try to find a specific tutorial for that part

  26. Hey Verum, what would you say if my interest are working great but Lookalikes are just not working, even after thousands of sales? Tried duplicating, different ad accounts, but lookalike just are not working. Have you ever experienced this? Would love to know your take on this.

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