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Five Ways to Make Money In Casinos as an Advantage Player!

Five Ways to Make Money In Casinos as an Advantage Player!

Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview casino consultant Bill Zender about five ways to legally make money in casinos.

They discuss five different methods that any player can use to get a mathematical advantage over the casinos. They talk about what the the methods are, how it can be done, and what kind of mathematical advantage it gives the players.

Zender specializes in table game protection for casinos and he also discusses methods that casinos can use to counter some of these advantage plays.

00:00 Video introduction
01:30 card counting
09:34 hole carding
21:25 match play/free play coupons/matched betting
34:10 bad promotions
42:30 casino mistakes

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38 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make Money In Casinos as an Advantage Player!

  1. the thing with count cards is there is still luck you can use basic strategy and count cards and in the end you can still not win a lot. But it does help. I don't because like he said it takes far too much concentration than I have. I just use basic strategy. My luck is alway when I have the advantage I end up losing 🙂 This is very good informative video

  2. Great video gentleman. Love it I’m a red to green blackjack player.

  3. Would a midget with 20/20 vision have an advantage sitting on third base (last seat)?

  4. Facinating discussion. I loved the real-life scenarios that happened. Three of the 5 ways to legally make money are long shots, and the average person can only use one of these things – coupon/match play. But I watched from beginning to end and loved it.

  5. Look for credit voucher left in machine.

  6. There is one more way you can make some money in the casino is to participate in their tournaments.

    My Local casino has a blackjack tournament held every week, The top 20 players get promotional chips. So if you come first in the tournament, you get 20K in promotional chips. I would value this around $10k.

    The same Casino again runs promotions on Slots machines. On about 2 days a month they give out 20 jackpots valued upto $3000. Also every player playing on slots get a $5 Free slot play. You can win this about 20 times in a day. So you can win about $100 in free slot play for about 4 hrs of effort.

    Sometimes they also hold Slot tournaments. Again free entry and potential to win big prizes.

  7. great video! lets be friends.

  8. Luv me some free play like 2500$$$!!!

  9. 1. Being the owner of the casino
    2. Working for the casino
    3. Stealing from the casino
    4. Begging at the casino
    5. Pick pocking players

  10. Casinos make these videos to pull in gamblers so they lose their asses..they know statistically how much money they will take from degenerate gamblers.. so this is always a win for them..and for us ap's it's good there are degenerate gamblers because we take their money too..

  11. You just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don't need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don't need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free

  12. Card counting??? to many countermeasures nowadays.

  13. Video Poker I still lose my butt! I keep wanting those 4 aces!!😂

  14. FYI it's not that easy to learn everything and card count. 🙃

  15. Anything that is "Legal" to make money in the Casino you will be "kindly" invited to leave the facilities.

  16. Baccarat is the ONLY Good game to play !!! 😁👍

  17. If you NEED TO BRING 10,000 Bankroll to casino …. You ALREADY LOST ! 😂👍

  18. Basic Strategy is meant for ONE ON ONE AGAINST THE DEALER when more fools join the table ADVANTAGE HOUSE BIGTIME ! 🤣👍

  19. Thanks for the information. But Jesus Christ, tell Matt to quit yelling.

  20. Busting out the PowerPoint you know this guy is serious

  21. The triple down promotion for blackjack at Mohegan Sun is really shocking me. I would think that not a single casino would take on such a promotion considering how much that would benefit players over the house. I generally get quite a bit of match play when I go to three specific casinos in Atlantic City. They are great promotions on both ends. It benefits the player in that you get a chance to win twice your bet or at worst just lose the amount of your bet. It benefits the casino as well because it may loosen the pocket of a gambler should they win on that match bet. The sic bo story that Mr. Zender spoke about was also a funny one. Great stream again

  22. I've seen the dealers at the craps table mess up a couple times in how many points were thrown and marked 2 points when 1 point was thrown. Worked out a couple times.

  23. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 thanks for sharing loved IT.

  24. Youtube…. the best place for Comedy!

  25. I really enjoy your informative vids.

  26. For years I would get your match play coupons and bet with my wife on craps. 1 coupon on the don't pass one on the pass line and a buck on 12. All at the same time. What do you think?

  27. I got what I assume was one of those mistakes in the game situations that I should have really stayed and exploited more. Was setting at a blackjack table at a Harrah's with the Buster Blackjack side bet. I normally go with the side bets are sucker bets theory. Well I was setting there and the dealer was showing a six and said "Aren't you going to bet the Buster?" I was like can I and she said sure just put $5 out when you think I'll bust. Well dang ok here's a nickel. Sure enough dealer busted and boom paid out, Next time a five came out she went around the table and asked for Buster bets. OK I figured it was just a mistake and the supervisor would correct things soon but I put down a late buster bet on all dealer fives and sixes and won a good majority of them as expected. Then there was a dealer change. OK fun times are coming to an end. Well no the relief dealer did the exact some thing. I only stayed an hour or so and left after I quadrupled my buy-in. I don't know if the management just didn't understand how it was supposed to work or what the deal was. It wasn't a small property. They had six or each active blackjack tables in August. I haven't been back, but may go when I get back up that way next month. If it is still going on I think I will settle in for a bit this time. But then I wonder if in those situations someone catches on that there is a mistake being made if they can try to claw back winnings if you are still at the table.

  28. Thanks for the information. Great presentations.

  29. That 6 wheel Matt mentioned has been copied online by a company called Evolution calling it dreamcatcher pays at 1,2,5,10,20,40 and has a 2x and 7x multiplier. Once i had a 5 free bonus from a casino for this game during the hours i played it i hit 2x 7x 40 on a pound spin. 561 back. Awesome return off a free fiver :).

    Edit:I was capped at 5£ bet per spin max so the most in theory I could have won there is £2,805.

  30. Card counting has done wonders for casino profits actually. The average player watched movies like Rainman and 21 and thinks he’ll get rich by playing blackjack in the casino!

  31. Yes they do.. but they rate you ny level of play from previous week

  32. How to make money at the casinos: Work there.

  33. Okay, So if someone is only making maybe $10-$50 for a day of card counting, the casinos let it happen. Good to know.
    This means, making $10 a week is not much of an issue to red flag you.
    If the minimum wager for a table game is $5 or $10, then I can't afford to get into that.

  34. Ok, so if the casino suspects someone of spotting the hole card, what is gong to happen? Get thrown out? Beat up Benny Binion style? Dealer would surely be fired.

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