Five Tips for Reselling Retail Arbitrage Purchases for Poshmark / Selling Levi's, Anthro, & Madewell

Five Tips for Reselling Retail Arbitrage Purchases for Poshmark / Selling Levi's, Anthro, & Madewell

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In today’s video I’m hauling some items I purchased to resell on Poshmark and Ebay!
I decided to hit the sales at some of my favorite stores…Madewell, Anthropologie, & Good American! I’m planning to sell most of what I bought! Join me and let me know what you think of my finds! I’m also sharing five tips I use to decide what I will purchase for Retail Arbitrage. This isn’t something I do a lot for my reselling business, but being cooped up at home has given me the online shopping bug!

Stay tuned until the end of the video where I share three items I have been selling throughout the year that were purchased new at the stores. I hope this information is informative and fun!

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26 Thoughts to “Five Tips for Reselling Retail Arbitrage Purchases for Poshmark / Selling Levi's, Anthro, & Madewell”

  1. I try not to list retail arbitrage too soon. Kind of wait until it’s no longer available on their site or even at the beginning of the season you purchased from. In other words, if you purchased end of winter, list at the beginning of the following winter. Seems to work.

  2. ive also come to learn there are die hard peloton people. they will pay crazy amounts for sold out clothes . did you join any peloton facebook groups? I like the women page. its encouraging

  3. I bought peloton bras from the warehouse sale. I wish I would have bought more. the 8 I had sold so fast

  4. I have learned the hard way with Arbitrage. I now try to stick to 70-80% off retail unless it could be something for me than I may splurge.

  5. I like this video. Retail Arbitrage can be so expensive..

  6. I ordered a handful of clothing & some bedding for myself on TJMaxx & Nordstrom Rack online a few months back & then all the stores closed & they weren't taking returns so I just by default turned them into retail arbitrage. I have sold a handful of the items but would love to sell them all so I don't have to get creative figuring out how to return them in the next few months because of my health challenges & COVID-19, I am staying quarantined indefinitely! lol…

  7. You forgot to give us the Paleton link,please leave it

  8. VAK

    I tuned in to watch while listing and such, but had to stop to take notes!!

  9. Where is the peloton link? Thank you.

  10. Hey Lori! I shop at Torrid a lot and they also have vanity sizing. I’m not sure if it’s the same, but at torrid 1 is a 14-16 2 is 18-20 and so on. Those hoodies might be bigger than you think 😊 Also, how to you handle it when a customer asks you to price match a website? Like their size isn’t left on the site, and I feel like I should still make a profit so I don’t want to do it. Thanks!

  11. Great video! I just found an incredible, insane sale online that I stocked up. I wanted to shout form the rooftops but I didn't. 🙂

  12. What great timing, Lori! While I was watching this video, I got an email from a brand I like with a 50% off offer on items that had already been discounted quite a bit. Alas, it isn’t Anthropologie or Madewell, but I followed your tips when ordering and I am very excited to see what happens! Thanks for the great ideas!

  13. Spoken like a real shopper. Excellent tips!!

  14. As always, love and enjoy your video

  15. Lori: anytime you shop online check to see if you can get cash back with Rakuten. It adds up!

  16. Omg the part about clicking on 5 different website before making a purchase is alllll me too 🙂 I try and get a good deal, coupon, lower price wherever I can find it! Lol All day everyday

  17. I struggle with Anthropologie retail arbitrage because I love everything but a lot isn’t at a great price to resell or if it is at a good price you put it in your cart only to be to be told that are sold out at checkout!

  18. Such an interesting topic! You're so polished!

  19. 💕Super fun to see your retail arbitrage mini haul✨ You look amazing in the GA sweater-dress🔥😎So cozy & cute as is 🌼

  20. I spent 300$ during Madewells 70% off clearance sale—got TONS of stuff—I’ve listed ALL of it—literally CRICKETS 🦗….none of it is moving—or even being liked….I went to look at listings…TONS…everyone else was shopping the same sale—and now the market is saturated…I’m thinking of pulling it all from my closet and waiting for closer to fall/winter…I got 150$ puffer jackets for 12$…

  21. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙋🏻🙅🏻

  22. Three up has designer purse rescues right now… $90

  23. I loooooove wraps and the sweater wraps for winter

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