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FIVE Manual eBay Dropshipping Mistakes that are Wasting Your Time! – eBay Dropshipping 2019

FIVE Manual eBay Dropshipping Mistakes that are Wasting Your Time! – eBay Dropshipping 2019

You’re probably making these five manual eBay dropshipping mistakes in your ebay store, and it’s wasting a lot of time! Stop making these eBay Dropshipping mistakes in your manual eBay store. Add me on Instagram: sulimanfarooq


I’m happy to announce that I will be releasing my very own 100% Manual eBay Dropshipping course very soon!
Not only will I teach you exactly how to start, run, and scale your manual ebay store, but I am also going to teach you EVERYTHING I know about using Lowes as a supplier and how to dropship from Lowes to eBay inside of the course!
It’s truly going to be the best eBay dropshipping course available. Stay tuned for my release video which is coming VERY soon!

Many beginner eBay dropshippers make mistakes. However, there are plenty of mistakes that even intermediate and advanced ebay dropshippers make without even realizing it. In this video I’m going to go over five eBay dropshipping mistakes to avoid; Especially if you’re using my method of 100% Manual eBay Dropshipping.

Here are the 5 eBay Dropshipping Mistakes to avoid:

Number 1 – Choosing an eBay Username:
This is a common ebay dropshipping mistake that many beginners make. Many ebay sellers get caught up in wasting time on trying to think of the “perfect” eBay username for their manual eBay store, but it’s a waste of time!
Most Ebay customers won’t even see, or remember, your eBay username.
I advise you don’t waste time trying to pick the perfect username for your eBay dropshipping business.
The username doesn’t have to relate to the items you sell, nor does it have to sound like a “business” name. A simple, generic username will work just fine!

Number 2 – Trying to Find a Niche for your eBay dropshipping store
There’s no need to niche down when it comes to your manual eBay dropshipping store! A lot of dropshippers confuse eBay dropshipping from retail suppliers with Shopify dropshipping. With Shopify dropshipping it’s very common to create a niche store with similar products, because you have to drive traffic to the website.
However, the beauty of eBay dropshipping is that we don’t need to run any ads or do any promotions. All traffic comes straight from eBay! This also means, however, that most ebay customers will purchase your ebay listing directly from the search results. Which means almost all of your customers never actually end up visiting & seeing your entire eBay store. They only see the one ebay listing that they’re purchasing from you within the search results; You can list items in your ebay store without having to worry about creating a niche store, or trying to list similar items. There’s no need to do this, & it’s wasting a lot of time that could be better spent focusing on increase ebay sales and increasing ebay profits.

Number 3 – Using eBay Dropshipping Software
This video wouldn’t be complete if I, the founder of Manual Dropshipping, didn’t put this on the list! Using ebay dropshipping software (Out of stock software, eBay repricing software, ebay tracking software, and ANY other ebay software) isn’t only a huge waste of time, but also a waste of money! This is why I’ve been dropshipping manually with my method of manual ebay dropshipping in my manual ebay store using Lowes as my dropshipping supplier for over 2 years now. When it comes to manual dropshipping on eBay & creating a manual ebay store, there’s no one that knows it better than me.
The problem with eBay dropshipping software is there’s a huge learning curve associated with all of them. Also, on top of this learning curve, you’re going to have to pay hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of dollars every month to use this ebay software. In my opinion, DON’T use eBay dropshipping software of any kind in your ebay dropshipping 2019 & beyond.

Number 4 – Not Sticking to ONE Style of Dropshipping
Plenty of dropshippers make this mistake, and especially nowadays with all of ebay’s recent policy changes and ebay seller updates, people are jumping from one method of dropshipping to another, & they’re confused about which method is the best method of dropshipping on eBay. In short, jumping from 1 method of dropshipping (using software) to my method of dropshipping (manual ebay dropshipping) isn’t a good idea, & it’s going to hurt your dropshipping business!

Number 5 – Setting Unrealistic Profit Margin Minimums/Standards in your eBay dropshipping business
Many dropshippers try to set unusually high profit margin standards for items they list from their retailers website. The problem with this is that if you’re dropshipping from Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, etc then you’re not going to be able to attain these super high standards you’re setting for your ebay business. I personally am able to get upwards of 20% profit margins on items I list in my ebay store, but that’s because I am dropshipping from Lowes onto eBay which very few people know how to do, and along with that, I’m using my method of manual dropshipping on eBay.


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