Financing Options In Dominican Republic | Real Estate In Dominican Republic

Financing Options In Dominican Republic | Real Estate In Dominican Republic

What are your financing options in Dominican Republic when investing in real estate. This video will show you how to invest in real estate in Dominican Republic.

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28 Thoughts to “Financing Options In Dominican Republic | Real Estate In Dominican Republic”

  1. Can foreigner obtain financing in Dominican Republic? The short answer is YES! This video shows you options available for real estate investing in Dominican Republic. If you have any question leave a comment below or send me an email at Check out my other video on Dominican culture here

  2. Can the bank provide financing for construction. For example if I purchase the land with cash, and the construction build cost is USD$60,000, can I get bank financing for USD$48,000 (80%)?

  3. Excellent video! I'm doing the installment payments now for my apt. I plan to use Scotia bank once the apt project has been completed.

  4. Gracias por la informacion, 'manita. Voy pa ya con la familia

  5. I am looking to build log cabins on my own land in the campo between Puerta Plata and Sosua like a camping ground, what permissions would I need?

  6. We got an new apartment t the end of this year. It was a pain in the ass. First the builder was like 2 years behind, and it took 8 months to get the loan. We had to switch banks to Scotiabank and it took about a month or so. My SUV cost more then the apartment we got, not a good investment. Live and learn

  7. Thank you on a very informative video Norberis R. The question I have for you is if your retired & don’t have an employer how does that work in the buying process

  8. Is it cheap to live in DR? If so how much does the average person pay?

  9. Beautiful Afro Love ♥️♥️♥️

  10. I may have to watch this a few times: bank statements, 2 years tax returns, letter from employer (what is that?), And credit report? + Down payment. Is that everything outside of the obvious or passport?

  11. very helpful, thanks!!!

  12. Awesome info. I love that you put the banks in there too. I’ve heard of scotia bank, we don’t have it in Texas though. The mortgage information is great to know too, but before I build or try to purchase something. I will consult with you first.

  13. Do some more try on hauls for us

  14. Thanks for sharing this good information. Good to know this

  15. I got the money to pay cash I just need a good Dominican woman 👩

  16. I was just talking to my cousin about this last night. I'm excited to watch this video.

  17. Good morning Norberis.
    I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well. Be safe. Be well…

  18. Norberis, great information I am building a house in Santiago, I am working with Banco Popular in Santiago. My loan officer speaks english and he is willing to help anyone trying to finance an Apartment/House in the Dominican Republic. 
    For more information, please use the link below.

  19. I want to buy rental property in the capital of Dominican republic ( Santo Domingo ) do you suggest buying an apartment or a house to rent?

  20. Do these processes work for both single family homes and condominiums?

  21. I'm going to rent initially when I get there, since I'm staying for at least 6 months. Glad to hear they are open to creative financing in DR. I was thinking
    I'll want to lease option to purchase the property I mentioned. Reading between the lines as you spoke about "Developers"… has me excited about other
    plans I have in mind! Thank you as always, for keeping my imagination flowing… #Hotep

  22. Thanks Norberis very good information to have!

  23. What if you want to purchase a home with your Dominican spouse Does it work the same way?

  24. As a real estate investor, this is interesting.

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