FENCE ME IN – A Backyard Makeover! | Whats selling on Ebay NOW!

FENCE ME IN - A Backyard Makeover! | Whats selling on Ebay NOW!


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GAP, Pennsylvania.


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38 Thoughts to “FENCE ME IN – A Backyard Makeover! | Whats selling on Ebay NOW!”

  1. There are a lot of pictures on Pinterest where they paint flowers and pretty pictures on the fences.

  2. Oh Karen, just catching up on videos! Peaceful backyard, I think you will enjoy your new fence! If I were closer, I’d come help you tackle that Azalea bush! Fire pit is a great idea. Love the lantern idea as well.

  3. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE!! STOP WITH TELLING HER SHE'S "WRONG" OR "PLEASE READ… You're doing it all wrong!!!" Does Karen strike you as a dumb woman??? No, she is brilliant!! We live in the northeast (I'm in NJ, right next to PA.) When we have a fence installed the rough or "wrong" side must face the person paying for the fence. It's sort of like if we want privacy, the neighbors get the pretty side. And there is No 50/50 split of costs. I just had the same exact fence quoted to replace my existing fence… Somewhat smaller backyard…. $5,260!!! I almost passed out. Thank God they texted me the quote and not face to face. Anyway… Congratulations Karen!!! Quite a beautiful addition to your house.

  4. I’m the same way in my home.. I like my privacy as well🤗.. I have neighbors who have swimming pools in their yards and they don’t have a fence😬.. I wouldn’t want a whole bunch of people driving by looking at me and my family at the pool, that’s just how I am🤗

  5. Hello beautiful🤗.. I have been M.I.A for awhile, focusing on family.. with my kids at home and hubby working from home, plus him being sick, it’s been quite interesting around here lately!.. I’m glad to see you doing well!.. please stay safe and healthy🤗🙏🏻❤️.. sending my love to you, Mellissa and Bare, as well as the rest of your family, god bless🤗❤️🙏🏻

  6. Had assumed all thrift stores were closed these days. Drove by and found Salvation Army is OPEN in my town. Even though there were only about 4 cars there and the sign said "50% OFF SALE," I did not go in. I found a hole-in-the-wall thrift store open 10 miles from my house also.

  7. Love the fence and your beautiful yard Karen! I can't wait to see your fire pit! We moved our old one and will be starting a new one soon. Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing video! Eve

  8. So you were all open plan, I couldn’t get a hold of what was yours and what wasn’t, why didn’t you have the nice flat side facing inward to you, it will look stunning sealed keeping the colour

  9. Why did you give the nice side of the fence to the neighbors?

  10. So, it's really Lavender, minus the clothesline? LOL. The fence looks great!

  11. I love your house. Your doing a good job. I love older houses with great big yards.

  12. Why in the world would you face the fence outwards????? Why wouldn’t you hVe the nice side facing in??? You put the nice side on your neighbours side so they basically got the best part of this?? I seriously don’t understand people.

  13. In Connecticut you legally have to put the pretty side toward neighbor or street . You are installing something the neighbor may not agree to so they get the "good" side 👍

  14. I love the wet look! Seal it, girl! My fence is facing the same as yours. Everybody that I know in AL puts the pretty side out too. I was reading through the comments and see where others do it differently. I don't mind the construction side facing me when I am outside. That tells me it is mine! <3 Thank you for the bus wheel idea, we may have to look into doing that too! We really want a fire pit! <3 (side note… did you report your neighbors for their sheds being too close together? ???)

  15. Hi Karen, I love the fence, I agree, it's really pretty, would have a clear coat applied, if you can have it professionally applied as it might be a toxic until dry product. You have beautiful yard. Great job with your yardwork! Cheers, Pat

  16. I think it is a beautiful fence, and also the person who pays for the fence get to have it installed any way she wants! Why would you tell someone it is wrong? Are you going to pay to have it tore down and put up the way you want it. I must have missed something, in manners.

  17. you will have a nice private yard when done! Thanks for sharing, your voice is calming.

  18. Good looking fence, and I'd seal it as well – love this natural color better than the weathered gray. Interesting comments on which side is the "right" side. It looks like a regional thing. In south Texas, everyone has a fence, and the plain side is considered the "pretty" side and goes to whoever is paying for it. But, I think up north, there are fewer privacy fences, so the guidelines are different. Never thought about that. Enjoy all your videos!

  19. Fenced back yard? Does that mean a puppy????

  20. Lavender clothesline, at home depot yesterday I saw deep root killer. I have a huge plant that grasshoppers love. They get humongous( the grasshoppers), and they love my veggie garden. No! It has to go. I will let you know if it works. Cali

  21. When it is your fence, the fence boards should be facing you. The pretty side.

  22. I swear I think we could be sisters!! Our interests are so similar! Give me a shovel and a hoe and something to dig up or plant and I’m a happy camper!! My yard is my escape and stress reliever!
    Your fence is gorgeous and plans for the fire pit sounds exciting!
    Can I come for a visit lol!! 😊😉

  23. I have attached a chain to my husbands truck and slowly tugged the root of a shrub like this .Easy I’m a 68 year old 😂

  24. Love your fence and you will really enjoy it. I loved when they put mine up. Now with a dog I have to have them come back and repair and replace boards as he chewed up the bottom of a few of them. I do love it. My back fence is chain link to get air in my yard and for my garden. Still open some and really like that. Enjoy and stay safe.

  25. Very nice! I love working outside as well in my gardens!

  26. Pay the guys a little more to pull out your bush!

  27. If I had a yard that big and nice I would have 6 dogs.

  28. I would rip ALL those square shrubs against the back of your house right OUT. They are too large, require constant pruning and block your light. Flower beds with perennials and low growing hostas would be so rewarding. Great choice for fencing. If you don't seal that gorgeous cedar, it will be a dull drab grey in no time. RENT a good commercial paint sprayer or hire it out. By hand would take forever.

  29. Oh, would like to see how you pack multiple breakable plates/ items. Thanks

  30. Fence is installed correctly…beautiful!!!

  31. Oh 🤩 I just ❤️ that fabric, I definitely would’ve bought that just to make a face mask as well…any chance you have any more of that?

  32. Looks great wait til it's done awesome!

  33. Thanks for the tour! It’s going to be beautiful!

  34. why are you giving yourself the back of the fence? odd, i would have faced the fence so the front faced my section not the neighbors

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