Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook Conversion Ads

Ever wondered what Facebook Conversion Ads are, what they do and how to use them EFFECTIVELY? This Facebook Campaign is one of the most powerful in the industry today but is SO underutilized! Make your advertising go further!

If you’ve been struggling to get real estate leads, this is what you’ve been looking forward to! Facebook Advertising remains a powerful way to market real estate and grow your business! Harness that power today!

I appreciate you watching! – Jaime Resendiz

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Done for You Funnels:
🌟Realtor Funnel (http://bit.ly/2OrgGTl)
🌟Buyer Funnel (http://bit.ly/2Lxlll5)
🌟Seller Funnel (http://bit.ly/2NGMXQY)

Comparison Charts
🌟Landing Page Generators (http://bit.ly/2LJ8png)
🌟Email Autoresponders (http://bit.ly/2wrqgKT)
🌟Real Estate CRMS (http://bit.ly/2PLqC77)

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Recommendations (PLEASE NOTE: Recommendations have been vetted and are being used personally. There are affiliate links in some instances but rest assured I would NOT recommend something I have not used and do not feel would add value to you!)

🌟Landing Page Creator – Clickfunnels (14 Day Free Trial) – (http://bit.ly/2FyhxvV)
🌟Email Autoresponder – ConvertKit (14 Day Free Trial) – (http://bit.ly/2B9hR3i)
🌟Real Estate CRM – LionDesk (30 Day Free Trial & $15 Discount) – (http://bit.ly/2nCwUZY)

🌟The ONE Thing (https://amzn.to/2pScDRc) By Gary Keller
🌟DotComSecrets (http://bit.ly/2J1pZTN) By Russell Brunson
🌟The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (https://amzn.to/2PBP0Yj) By Gary Keller

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