Facebook boycott escalates as more companies pull advertising

Facebook boycott escalates as more companies pull advertising

Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise weighs in on more companies boycotting Facebook.
#Facebook #Facebookboycott

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49 Thoughts to “Facebook boycott escalates as more companies pull advertising”

  1. This is not going to end well.

  2. The problem is that hate speech is not enforced fairly. One side gets to spew hate without consequences, while others are banned.

  3. C P

    I hope the American companies donate their FB advertising savings to the NYPD after what their mayor did yesterday…

  4. Dennys of all places should've stuck in there. Didn't Dennys response a few years ago regarding being accused of Racism, to take your money elsewhere. That food chain is Super Duper Racist.

  5. Lololol you're all going down muhahahahaha muuuuhahahahaha

  6. Lololol you're all going down muhahahahaha muuuuhahahahaha

  7. Julie's audio is way too loud as usual. As soon as she came on I hit next video

  8. M B

    Good face book is only cares about money $$$$$

  9. Facebook is "Old School", time to go away!!!!

  10. And all democrat run companies

  11. This whole movement is literally to boycott free speech. 2020 is fukin mind boggling.

  12. This boycott means nothing if Facebook doesn't lose users. These companies are just losing potential customers and hurting themselves. Twitter is no real alternative and a large chunk of Facebook's revenue doesn't come from the big advertisers. It comes from small and medium sized businesses.

  13. This is how the king controlled ignorant public with fake crappy justification long time ago. nice Gaslighting, you rich group. bbblk are def good for played by you.

  14. Facebook is a cesspool of cancer to the human soul.

  15. Funny how this guy lies because these advertising companies have pulled advertising on all platforms including twitter. So fake news for idiots to believe.

  16. Who takes any notice of the ads anyway.



  19. I's jus be here fo da whites women!!

  20. You mean we don’t have to use ad block anymore?

  21. No matter how you feel you should be terrified that Billion dollar companies are actively getting involved in an election and they are using their power to swing an election. Think very carefully about the amount of power you are cheering corporate America to use. What if Corporate America used this power against Joe Biden because they don't want tax hikes. Just think about the level of power and force you are cheering these giant companies to use.

  22. Facebook is a rockerfellsr run entity zuckerdick is there grandson i just found out the rockerfellers have a cure for covid vaccine …hmmmm….. thesr prople are the dirtiest most dispicable beings ever there not even humans there heartless without a soul….satanic.. facebook a tracking device that invades your privacy…… y would i want that …

  23. The moment you start censoring people on social media, they will migrate to another platform, the less friends and family you have on a platform the less interesting it becomes to users. This is a lose-lose situation.

  24. I am from Germany and I am expecting German companies to participate in this capaign.

  25. Never been a facebook fan until now! Agree or not free speech is free speech.

    I will be looking for a list of companies refusing to advertise due to political reasons so I can boycott them.

  26. I support Facebook. I like his laissez faire policy. Social media should not take political sides.

  27. Facebook saying they’re not a media company, lol. Just so obviously not true. And they are the worst because they PROFIT from hate. They not only host, which others like Twitter and YouTube do, but PROMOTE and MONETIZE hate. The fact that you guys gush over them is disgusting! Do you guys check your conscience at the door?

  28. Aww… Didn’t you shameless Facebook cheerleaders kept saying this wouldn’t matter? I bet you need a hug.

  29. Zuckerburg dose not run face book it's backed by the gov cia and Nsa for spying purposes

  30. s z

    Facebook is great. You can like you can dislike no problem with Facebook

  31. FABULOUS!!!

  32. I am with fb and boycot Verizon as long as Fb welcome free speech from every political party and not just radical left. I do not have fb nor VZ.

  33. They are trying to destroy Facebook unless FB is completely democrat. That is what is happening. We are all free to express what we think on any social media.

  34. It's about time Facebook & Youtube should have competitors. They dictate everything from ads interruption, time duration, esp. users' content monies

  35. Hate “crime”? So now speak this guy dosn’t like is a crime. Seems a few of histories most despicable characters also didn’t want you to talk about certain things or even know they existed.

  36. Fugg these censorship nazi’s. I am dropping Verizon on Monday and any other company that doesn’t stand for free speech and the uninhibited exchange of ideas.

  37. The world would be an exponentially better place without social media! Shut them all down!!

  38. Our Democracy has been attacked, F is just one accomplice.
    I am voting against the traitors, I won't give them my minuscule business. shut down.

  39. Fb is a terrorist support website

  40. Hahaha now when it HIT your pocket you act?? Too late ZUCKER.. Zuck that 😂

  41. I do not miss Facebook. Not even a little bit!😀

  42. Fuuuuu facebook and especiailly the grAndson of the rockerfellers ZUCKERDICK

  43. To Yahoo:
    You were woke AF.
    For that reason I deleted and get rid of your services.

    Now you're having a different approach, so what's going on?
    Are you deceiving to get more clicks?

  44. This is another example of the Trump curse.
    FB can’t change until their employee’s are mopped away and restaffed w/o prejudice to having to feel they must agree with FB own political bias.

  45. It wont affect facebook they can try harder lol!

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