Facebook and Instagram are incredible marketing tools for bands, musicians, and creators – but they have BIG problems that are only going to get bigger over time.

Young people are leaving Facebook in huge numbers, and the company is drowning in scandals… I think there is a very real risk that Facebook will become the new Myspace in 3-5 years (maybe even less).

Learn what these problems are and how you and your band/company can be prepared to adapt to the future of Facebook and Instagram marketing:

– What I’ve learned doing Facebook and Instagram marketing for bands including A Day To Remember, Periphery, Issues, and Intervals

– Why bands, musicians and artists should NEVER depend solely on Facebook or Instagram for marketing

– Young people are leaving Facebook for Instagram. What does this mean for the future of social media marketing for musicians, bands and artists?

– How to prepare for the potential decline of Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools for bands and musicians (by building an email list and/or presence on YouTube, among other things)

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  1. What do you see for the future of Facebook? Will young people completely abandon it?

  2. Hey there Finn, whats up! I'm a fairly new subscriber, already seen dozens of your videos on all kinds of different subcultures within subgenres of music throughout different eras, along with videos with your take on the music industry, where it now stands and where you think it is going, and I think you bring out a lot of insightful tools and concepts for us aspiring musicians to keep in mind in this somewhat complex digital age of music, streaming, advertising, etc. Anyhow, I know this video is a little bit dated now at almost two years old, and I was just genuinely curious if maybe this is a subject you might plan on revisiting in the next year or two maybe? It would be awesome to see what noticeable trends you picked up on since this video was published even compared to what's going on with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc in terms of music marketing and promotion. Anyways I love all your videos, thanks man!

  3. Watching this now in 2020 and Trump is looking to have social media regulated. Your crystal ball was right!

  4. I feel bad for liking this because before I did it had 606 likes… Lets hurry up and get that last 6 mkay

  5. I work in the background with Facebook groups and pages, I can tell you now it's more popular than ever. It's just the way people interact with it that's changed.

  6. The Story So Far logo looks like its 3D

  7. Thanks for the info, making me re evaluate my approach haha

  8. Very eye opening. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! 🙏

  9. This explains why my younger friends are barley or never on Facebook anymore!

  10. Being depended on one platform is always a bad idea. I've been burned by this twice. The first time was Myspace OFC. Band had a nice page there back in 2009. Guys spent quite some time learning the whole Myspace design stuff from scratch just to watch it becoming useless (and broken) in the next few years. The second example is a ban of the main social network that everyone was using here (I'm from Ukraine and vk.com was banned due to sanctions in 2017). It was probably the main news source for everyone interested in local alternative scene. Bands had thousands of followers there. Organic growth was still pretty strong, since everything wasn't as pay-walled as it is in Facebook. And it pretty much went down the shitter overnight. It was a hit of the nuclear scale to the whole local scene really. Things were already pretty bad in 2017, but this just made everything even worse and quite frankly not everyone survived this, since you're pretty much nothing without social media presence nowadays.

  11. this video made me subscribe to you haha i agree facebook will have …im gonna send you some music of project I'm in. please give me your opinion of which direction we should go to get the ball rolling.

  12. The most punk rock thing you can do is walk away from social media.

  13. Shit will hit the fan with YouTube as well within the next couple of years. Its already going downhill for them.

  14. Enlightening info for musicians/bands… I caught a sit-down interview the other day w a notable pop punk vocalist who's done extremely well in his 25 year plus career, stayed DIY, and maintained artistic autonomy over output, etc – when asked to offer business advice to bands nowadays, he said he hadn't really learned anything about the business side of music in all those years. As if he couldn't have fired some nuggets of wisdom in a public setting like that. This guy runs a successful machine on his own terms and has to be astute and intelligent when it comes to music biz… Not actually a musician myself, but was kinda suspect when he played it dumb, like why not offer something up…? Anyway, props on this, most bands I know are disorganized af and just need a little guidance

  15. Facebook is all but dead and free "organic" reach on any social media platform will be dead in less than 18 months.

  16. What rock/metal subgenres that formed do you think were the worst blunders in our history ? (e.g how a lot of ppl hate grunge, nu metal)

  17. I think if you’re a band, having a mailing list wouldn’t be as bad as you think. Especially for college kids, who need their emails 24/7. I think it could be used for packaging

  18. I had Facebook when you had to have a .edu email address to become a member. It mattered way more then, in a person-to-person way. You are completely right that in 3-5 (I hope less) years there will be something else, that we don't even know about yet, and no one will care about Facebook.

    I'm a fan of integrity, if you believe in your music keep doing it, promoting it on whatever platform you have available, but don't think Facebook will make you big. There are ways to be strategic, but relying on anything in particular other than yourself, would be a mistake. (I guess that's general life advice, applies to lots of things)

  19. I really enjoy your videos dude. You've given me a lot of insight into promoting my band's music. I especially liked your video where you talked about doing things DIY. That's what we're striving for. Thanks Fin.

  20. Zero thumbs down? How the fuck is that possible. Great job!!

  21. damn I love your videos. Thanks for looking out for us!!

  22. Love the TSSF t shirt ahahah

  23. I noticed your shirt, It'd be really cool to hear about how TSSF got so big, it's like they can't help but be successful. Also, I'm seeing them live tomorrow night in England!

  24. Email list yes please tell us

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