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6 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads: Why and How to Use Existing Post Across All Your Ads”

  1. it is just me or is not working anymore? Ad manager don't let me select any post… I was able to do it a month ago but now the feature is broken in my panel…

  2. That was great. I liked how you copied the ID from the browser too. Subscribed.

  3. Hi! I have a question. I have a running ads but when I use the same post id to create another ads with different interest this is what is says "This post can't be used for an ad because it doesn't exist on the Page you've chosen, or it was originally created on a personal profile. Please choose a different post and try again."
    Please help. Thank you so much

  4. How about instagram placements?

  5. Can you please please give us an update on how to contact Facebook?

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