Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged – Which is Best?

Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged -  Which is Best?

Ever wondered what the ‘When you get charged’ setting means?

And which Facebook ads charging option you should select?

In this Facebook ads tutorial video I show you what the ‘when you get charged’ setting is…

What the charging options are for Facebook ads…

And which ‘when you get charged’ option you should select.


The 13 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives Explained: https://youtu.be/elgrAvwMIE4

Facebook Ads Tutorial: Optimization For Ad Delivery: https://youtu.be/jPu4wFe0N1E


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11 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads: When You Get Charged – Which is Best?”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

  2. Hi Ben, finding your content extremely helpful so thanks! Question for you: When you’ve got multiple campaigns runnings, how should you be looking at the data when you’re monitoring the ads. For example, I look at how the ads have performed over the past week – is this too long a time frame or is it best to be looking at it in a 3-5 day window? There's quite a few of my ads running that when I look at it on a weekly basis it’s a good cost per purchase but if I put it to 4 days it's sometimes not so good – if it's not performed very well in the past 4 days is it best to look to alter the campaign or give it the full 7 days or more? When you’re speaking with clients or discussing performance with your team what window of time do you use to present the data and see whether you need to test something different? I usually do a weekly report Mon-Sun using ads reporting.

  3. i just unsubscribed
    i asked u a question in the last video
    and u didn't even bother to reply

  4. FB asked me to upload ID 2 months in a row? Should I be worried? My account is still locked, got locked yesterday and uploaded ID second time.

  5. Can you add eng subtitles below? cause Its easier for poor english people like me to understand.thanks!!!

  6. Thanks for always giving information that most others on YouTube aren’t 👍🏽

  7. Currently just started a product. Ive got one sale but im doing purchase campain. Ive got like 7 adsets lookong for sales so if they spend £10 should i turn them off then make a new adset with a different target ect or am i barking up the wrong treem

  8. Thanks Ben, very informative. When you'll come live on Facebook?

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