Facebook Ads vs CBD?!

Facebook Ads vs CBD?!

I recently began running CBD massage ads for a local spa. They were denied at first, however, I was able to appeal the denied ads and get them running! 100% legal, zero grey issue “ads”. Yes, approved by a FB rep!

I wanted to let you know what was working 100% following FB terms!


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Leave your comments below. What is your biggest FB ads hurdle? Your questions will be answered!

As always, make sure you read, accept, and FOLLOW Facebook ad policies, and recommendations. If you play stupid games, you may just win stupid prizes.

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2 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads vs CBD?!”

  1. This tip is huge man, thanks! Also looking to start running ads for a CBD company. Quick question: When promoting the CBD creams/topicals, do you still have to be a bit sneaky with the copy?

  2. Hi Dan, can you email me the prices for your services. I sell different brands of creams and lotions. garyp91201@gmail.com

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