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Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Strategy)

Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Strategy)

Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Strategy)

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If this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos, my name is Sharif and in this video, I showed you guys How to Run Facebook Ads for Your Dropshipping Products in 2020. This video basically completes the 3 part video of how to build a dropshipping store from scratch all the way to run ads for a product. This video is for entertainment purposes only.


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25 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Strategy)

  1. so we are now in 2021 when I'm watching this video, and want to say thank you for this video I must say that by following these step on the video I did started to get some sells on my store .

  2. I have tried several times with Shopify store, but it was unsuccessful. I also watched many youtube videos and realized that the most important thing is to have a good product with catchy ad video. I found many sites that help you with making videos. Yesterday I found a product with complete description and facebook ad on the website called WinnerZila. I got two orders today, and I hope there will be more tomorrow. Wish me some luck.

  3. @sharif why not maximise on the interest list on just one ad set? Why spend 5$ 7times just to add an interest? Eg. Adset Swimming can have Various Interests, Maybe target a crowd who likes a certain swimming page? is that possible?

  4. Do the more advanced scaling. This video is the best one I’ve seen. I learned so much

  5. If u only have one ad should u just increase the daily budget

  6. Does this work with new fb updates 2021?

  7. Would help to mention that fb makes you wait 48 hours after submitting everything for FB ads. And even then you may not get approved.

  8. Dm Jay4consult on Instagram to help you with this

  9. Hello sir, i added my ads on panel yesterday(before 14 hours) but my ads status still in rewiev, how long time it needs to turn active ? Ty

  10. My account got banned in the first 3 steps..

  11. If I want to dropship vegan apparel, how would I get a video of that? I dont think showing a cow being slaughtered and introducing this would be ideal. Any recomendations?

  12. Can someone tell me why I cannot choose Purchase as Conversion Event? It doesn't let me click on it. Says inactive… My only active event is View Content. Please please help~

  13. Useful tip!! I ran into same problem, got tired of watching videos. Luckily a colleague recommended cyber.kor on Instagram, who was able to get mine reactivated. This tip can surely help someone out there….🥰

  14. You have explained really well,, keep up the good work…

  15. Sharif pls help me out my pixel not verifying activity fix pls

  16. When i go on the business manger page it doesn't show 'create account' wat should i do

  17. You made "3" ads with different videos or photos and then you duplicated the adsets into "7" interest …. Then what photos or videos Facebook is going to show to audience in an Particular interest (adset) out of 7 which you made ?……and please explain….that are we supposed to double the intrest ( adsets ) or the ads ?

  18. Joe

    I tried to post my ad campaign and when I did it said my facebook was disabled and I needed to submit a picture for review. Any idea how to get around this or speed it up?

  19. rip I set everything up then it said I was under review and couldn't run ads, so I tried to fix it but it wouldn't send me an email. I checked back another day and my ads where running even though it said they weren't rip 20 bucks

  20. ayo man this is great content!

  21. Some of my ads were rejected because they aren't allowed to focus on a body part. Kinda ridiculous if the product is designed for a certain part of the body.

  22. can i link this to instagram adverts too?

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