Facebook Ads Tutorial For Shopify | Targeting & Testing Methods [0-$1000] LIVE Case Study DAY 1

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Shopify | Targeting & Testing Methods [0-$1000] LIVE Case Study DAY 1

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➡️ Hey guys!

So we are going to be doing a live launch of a product as I show you exactly how to launch, test and scale with Facebook ads the most cost-effective way possible.

This is literally an over the shoulder facebook ads training as you can see my thought process for researching the best interests to target, the best way to set up your ads, and how we decide on budgeting.

I use a very different strategy to test and works for me in a variety of niches, products, and objectives so enjoy! And subscribe for Day 2!


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12 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Tutorial For Shopify | Targeting & Testing Methods [0-$1000] LIVE Case Study DAY 1”

  1. Nice content. When do you upload the day 2 ?

  2. Hi Charlie. I live in the UK but I'm looking to set up dropshipping purely to the US. I wanted to keep down my delivery times so I've been looking at Aliexpress and Oberlo to ship from the US as well. Unfortunately all the products I'm wanting to sell have 3 week delivery times even from US. I don't have the funds to private label and would want to test my products before doing this anyways… Would you suggest I just bite the bullet and have long shipping times or go to other lesser known suppliers? Thanks buddy for the videos as well. Really appreciate it.

  3. Great video, can't wait for Day 2!

  4. I'm patiently waiting for you to talk about Catalog sales! Good job

  5. Great Value man ! Have you ever tried testing with traffic or VV or maybe Conversions for Website visit instead of PUR ?
    The logic behind this being : Show the ads to as many people possible in a laser targeted audience ==> Retarget.
    Good luck with this endeavor !

    PS. Btw, Reach for Link clicks should be at least similar with Conversion for Website Visits… not the same but similar

  6. FB has been like one day good and one day bad for us. Our ROAS went from 4.2 to 1.5 the past week across multiple accounts. Are you experiencing this lately?


  8. Gold as always bro 🔥
    Do we need to include "Engaged shoppers " behavior once we are testing ?

  9. Including a FAQ in the text is actually genius! Definitely will try it out if it fits the product.
    As far as I understood, you say that people pay a lot of attention to the HEADLINE when scrolling through FB?
    I always believed the first thing people look at is the text but it's good to know that you're an exception!
    Been watching for about three weeks now and I'm loving the content so far!
    It's great to see someone that views things from a different perspective since this is so important in order to stand out from the competition 🙂
    Keep it up.

  10. So much value in this! 🙌

  11. Less goo! Excited to see day 2!

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