Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For A New Shopify Store 2020 (Step by Step Tutorial)

Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For A New Shopify Store 2020 (Step by Step Tutorial)

This Facebook Ads testing strategy has been designed for the person who has recently completed their store and ready to start testing products or the person who has started testing but not seen the results they would like.

In this video I go through the strategy step by step and the logic behind why it actually works! I also give a practical demonstration of how to set it up in the Facebook ads manager.

Enjoy the video and any questions at all post them below! I answer every single one!

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DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


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48 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Testing Strategy For A New Shopify Store 2020 (Step by Step Tutorial)”

  1. Does this apply to one product stores

  2. Hello Jack! Most of the YouTubers say that traffic campaign won't optimize the pixel well enough for conversion campaign and the people who click on the ads won't be the same as the ones who will buy it. Do you think that going for traffic with a new pixel is good? Why?

  3. hey Jack just to clarify, for this example in the video you are changing the Detailed Targeting for each Adset right? eg. 1st one was Apple, Narrow- Apple Watch. The other 2 will be something different than this? Would't it be hard to test which product performs best if they have different Detailed Targeting?

  4. Why You choose only FB & IG feed ? Instead of all placements?

  5. You just earned a new subscriber! I first watched your video "My PROVEN Facebook Ads Testing Strategy That WORKS! Step by Step Tutorial
    " and then went to your channel and found this one. I am confused now. If my Shopify store is new without any sales, should I follow this strategy or the one from the previous video I mentioned?

  6. I think it a mistake to run a conversion campaign for a new store without having any data ! facebook says that we should run a conversion campaign only when we have at leas 25 leads per week

  7. Very good video bro, I'll come back to this when going to do ads.

  8. For testing, should we be following this guide or the more recent one where you combine the three products into 1 CBO campaign?

  9. Stupid Question Jack, using the same strategy, but for one Product with a CBO. The Test Campaign is already profitable with some unprofitable Adsets. Disable them or keep CBO and duplicate Winning Adsets into new CBO?

  10. What it giving to put view content instead purchase ?

  11. Hey so I got 10 sales but don’t know what to do from here can you please help

  12. How much money do I need to start dropshipping/shopify with facebook ads?

  13. Hey Jack! Thank you for the video. Does the target audience size really matter? I agree it would when you want to compare different adsets under the same conditions but if you just want to run and evaluate an ad I think the audience size is less important and other measures are. Is there any audience size that you recommend?

  14. You should do an in-depth video on the so called "death of epacket" and how Trump's withdrawal of the US from the universal postal union will potentially affect dropshipping, also things like by how much would international shipping would increase when shipping from China and if that should be a concern for new dropshippers. You probably have a very good understanding of this and your opinion would be very helpful

  15. Jack, a quick question for you. what happens if you dropship items from China and they end up hurting (or worse) one of your buyers due to them being faulty? do you need to have insurance to cover this? who would be liable?

  16. P A R T 2 LAD – Question, What would be your max to spend when testing ads on a product? For example if you find a decent product and run testing ads at £5 each x3 for 3 days ..after spending that initial £45 (£15 on each, £5 per day) with no sales but page views/a few add to carts.. would you kill the product and move to another or refine the ads based on that data and go again?

  17. Does anyone know how to create a second shopify store??

  18. Hi Jack, thank you for the video. If I don't get any purchase or add to cart and the cost per unique link click is high (over $2), do I still keep the ad to run for at least 3 days? Thanks

  19. Hey nice video!

    I’m new to ad creation just like to ask if you create an ad can everybody view your personal account?

    Or do you make a separate fb account to create ads so nobody can see your personal account?

    Thank you.

  20. Great stuff, as usual!

    Can I ask you what's the practical difference between VIEW CONTENT and PURCHASE as CE?

  21. How do you know that you are targeting the good audience?

  22. Yes, part 2 please! That seems to be the part that I am struggling with understanding the most.

  23. what difference have you found between a 1 day click and a 7 day click 1 day view conversion window??

  24. Hey Jack, if our Instagram does not have much followers is it worth advertising on Instagram news feed?

  25. Hey Jack please do a video on how to set up different stores on one account in shopify

  26. I love the practical and useful detail you put into this!

  27. Is this better to use CBO or non CBO if I want to use 5 adsets for the same product? Because I am not sure if using CBO test enought all of my differents adsets. Right Now I think i will make 5 different adsets with 5 different interests with 5 or 10 dollars each, and let run 3 days to see what are the interesting adsets and what are the non interesting to start to scale. Do you think it is a good idea ?

  28. Can we try these campaigns in the US?

  29. I’d like to see a video on analysing the data, for example seeing which results are good and what exactly the column headings mean, in addition to seeing which age ranges performed best so we know what to scale and what to end

  30. 👊🏻👊🏻🔥🔥part 2 please mate

  31. Hola Jack, super importantes tus consejos sobre Facebook Ads para campañas de productos en Dropshipping, creo que soy el unico Nicaraguense que te sigue y espero poder ir aprendiendo mas de tu experiencia…gracias por todo! Saludos desde Nicaragua.!

  32. Thanks Jack. ❓What about selling a unique product. Just 1 product with a 3 for 2 offer at the end
    Do you recommend Shopify or a woo commerce wp site is better?

  33. Jack's a big silly! Part 2.

  34. Next Video: 3 Winning Product Ideas For 2020! Make sure you don’t miss it and subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/jackkitchener?sub_confirmation=1

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