Facebook Ads Testing Strategy – 2020 Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping Walkthrough

Facebook Ads Testing Strategy - 2020 Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping Walkthrough

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29 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Testing Strategy – 2020 Tutorial Shopify Dropshipping Walkthrough”

  1. EcomX Mentorship enrollment closing soon 👉🏼 https://www.ecomx.org

  2. I don't have sales at all, what do I do to even start?

  3. Super insightful video…and could you be any cuter?!?! swoons & subscribes

  4. Thanks man!!! Would you explain scaling?

  5. "Cheap engagement isn't validation, people validate with their wallets"

  6. Do you think it's better to test with ad set budget or cbo? Thank you very much and congratulations for the videos

  7. Thank you Paul. You're such a wonderful dude. You're helping me so much.

  8. Bro this was amazing. I’ve watched 50+ videos but this was the most most most helpful one ever 😭 I just need a little explanation on the third stage and what LLAs are and I think I’ll be ready to start advertising!

  9. Hey Paul I have a quick question, when you link your FB page does the page have to be based around your product and have pictures?

  10. Thanks Paul, this was super helpful! Great content, especially on setting up adsets and testing them. For future videos could you slow everything down 25%? We had to pause a lot to grock what we were hearing vs what was on the screen.

  11. New subscriber here Paul ! from Philippines. Gather more tips how this E business works 🙂

  12. Hi, thanks, very helpful video..👍👍
    Could you tell me please.. What software do you use for upload tracking Numbers.. for Shopify Store..?

  13. Great vid brother! I really got value from this so thank you!
    I just didn’t understood the second stage
    Went over my head

  14. During Stage 2, why would you want to test new interests if you've already done that in stage 1?

  15. Paul stage 1 minute 7:30 you say first rule is the cost per unique click has to be above 2.50c. Is that the case or below 2.50c

  16. you just repeat what is already on YouTube since 2017. Facebook Ads has changed a lot and so has the algorithm. Outdated information …

  17. My guy dropped a whole course

  18. Hi Paul, sorry if I sound so ignorant but I am very new, when you say kill the AD, how do you kill an Ad? Hear this on you tube a lot, just end the Ad? Thanks

  19. Bm

    Brot and how I find a good product??

  20. Thank you Paul. Great content. I first saw you on Oberlo and have been following you since. Your warm no no fluff and spin delivery is brilliant. Look forward to having your mentorship when I have the funds resolved.

  21. can you give link to the sheets that you showed in the video!

  22. When you start creating Facebook ads is it better to post from your business account, or your personal and extend from there?

  23. Extremely helpful Paul. Thank you!

  24. Hey Paul, This is my first video of yours and it’s a very good video, I like it’s integrity and preciseness. Looking forward to see your other videos ❤️❤️💪💪💪

  25. Hi Paul, liked and subscribed to your channel. Great video! My question is, how exactly do you target specific groups? Example, if my product is something like gardening and i know middle aged women would like this product, how can we use facebook ads to target those? Thanks in advance!

  26. Ugh I really wish I could just afford the mentorship! I don't even have that money to spend on that mentorship program, it would be so helpful! Do you have any other mentorship programs more affordable?

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