Facebook Ads Targeting 2020 | Use this weird Facebook Ad Hack

Facebook Ads Targeting 2020 | Use this weird Facebook Ad Hack

Have you ever heard of unrelated targeting? So, choosing a targeting that has literally nothing to do with your product or service? I know, this sounds weird. But this counterintuitive approach to targeting on Facebook might just be exactly what it takes to give your Facebook ads the edge they need to convert. Watch the video to find out more 🙂

Have you ever tried this approach yourself? How did it turn out for you?

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6 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Targeting 2020 | Use this weird Facebook Ad Hack”

  1. 1. What video software are you using for your intro etc.. 2. Do you use a camera to video you or your Iphone? If neither, what equipment do you use?3. I'm a Self Care Transformational Life Coach, I want to build my list as ** ap, In the ads manager, what Campaign objective "Conversion" type do you recommend for a guide aka freebie, then what Campaign Objective do you recommend for a Challenge or Workshop which I will be doing live? At the end I will be selling my course what Campaign objective " Conversion"? do you recommend which I will be teaching live, eventually will be doing live and in a course via Thinkific, Teachable. thanks so much Cindy

  2. very helpful and thoughtful

  3. Hi Evelyn i didn't get it properly can you make one more video and relate to Health ( herbal medicine) products

  4. Well thought out strategy. Thanks for sharing.

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