Facebook Ads Strategy: LEAD GEN Ads or CONVERSION Ads?

Facebook Ads Strategy: LEAD GEN Ads or CONVERSION Ads?

Which is the best Facebook ads strategy? Lead Generation ads or Conversion ads on Facebook?

Facebook Lead Generation ads are best if you want to generate a lot of leads, but those leads may not be the highest quality.

Facebook conversion ads on the other hand will usually deliver less lead volume, but those leads may be better quality and more likely to convert.

Which Facebook advertising strategy you select will depend on which of those two factors is more important to your business.

If in doubt – test both Facebook ads strategies

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How to Create Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns That Convert in 2020 (video): https://youtu.be/V00WepEPU-0

HOW TO SET UP & INSTALL THE FACEBOOK PIXEL IN 2020 (video): https://youtu.be/E5f9oRof8JA

HOW TO CREATE FACEBOOK LEAD FORMS THAT CONVERT IN 2020 (video): https://youtu.be/XzbJh4-yMNo


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5 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Strategy: LEAD GEN Ads or CONVERSION Ads?”

  1. thanks for the informations <3 just subscribed

  2. Someone tells me that you can remove the prepopulated information and set it to enter their email in custom question

  3. Hi Ben, just had my ad approved to run till Monday with a lifetime budget of £250. I've set my goal to be traffic/landing page views. The landing page is for limited edition release MyProtein products in their Black Friday sale. would you have any advice for me? Sorry if this is too broad!

    You can see the landing page here: https://www.gymnasiumpost com/mp-black-friday-sale/

  4. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂

  5. Lead generation on FB is great for volume and it's inexpensive, but the quality and relevancy is lower from my experience. It's a very micro committed action they've taken as the form is so easy and quick to fill on without moving from FB. Although drop offs are higher through a site lead magnet via a conversion campaign, the ones you do convert are usually better engaged with a higher buying intent. Best to split test both. Thanks for the video Ben!

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