Facebook Ads step by step Tutorial in Tamil 2019 -20 version

Facebook Ads step by step Tutorial in Tamil 2019 -20 version

Facebook ads Manager is a common advertising platform used by businesses bug and small. Facebook remains the most favoured platform amongst all social media channels due to the sheer number of people spending time on it.
The platform is pretty simple to use but without understanding the fundamentals you might lose your time and money on it.
Facebook ads contain just 3 steps
1. Campaigns
2. Ad sets
3. Ads
Campaign level
This is where you choose your ad objectives. Select objectives from the choice given in the ads manager. The objectives are classified as Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Choose the objective depending on the stage of your business. You will choose awareness when your target audience may not understand your product, never heard of your brand name or the type of service you provide. Choose objectives under consideration when you come to the level of your audience understanding about you but have not engaged with your business and conversion is the last stage of advertising wherein you expect an outcome like, registration, checkouts, store visits etc.

Ad set level
This is the level in which we provide all necessary inputs to Facebook. First we set up the audience based on Demography, Interests and behaviour of people. Then we determine the placement of the ads – placement refers to the platforms like Facebook, Instagram and apps and sites and also means placements like stories, newsfeed, messages etc. The thirst step in the ad set is to set up a budget and complete ad set information with Scheduling of ads.
This step involves the Media, format, Texts and link that constitute the ad that the target audience get to see.
Creating Facebook ads is quite easy when you follow the directions given by the ads Manager itself. Finally enter your payment details to publish your ad.

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