Facebook Ads Spy Tool For Affiliate & CPA Marketing (AdSpy Tutorial)

Facebook Ads Spy Tool For Affiliate & CPA Marketing (AdSpy Tutorial)

In this video I go in depth on an amazing Facebook Ad Spy Tool called: AdSpy! A member of my free FB group requested I make a video on spying on Facebook Ads with affiliate & cpa marketing!

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In my opinion, AdSpy is the best Facebook Ads spy tool on the market!

Spying is something that a lot of beginner affiliate marketers don’t perform and it’s a HUGE mistake.

By spying on campaigns before creating your own FB Ad campaign you can see what’s working and get ideas based off it…

Let me know in the comments below what type of videos you’d like to see!

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PS – For more Facebook Ads Tutorials check out my playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXW1IfXy9wFgXxWeC0TybfBaKw6pLGDK2

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  1. Check out my FB Ads tutorial playlist here:

  2. thank you Kody great content!! I recommend Dropispy to everyone, it's a much cheaper alternative but oh so powerful 🙂 you know?

  3. Kody🤗bro Great👌 youtube💯 channel you provide such a valuable information in every video 👍 keep it 🆙

  4. nice video. please give me affiliation networks name who allow installing Facebook pixel.

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