[Facebook Ads Policy Explained] How To Get Your Ads Approved EVERYTIME

[Facebook Ads Policy Explained] How To Get Your Ads Approved EVERYTIME

ℹ️ Facebook Ads Policy Explained
Disapproved ads… sakit sa ulo diba? Well, most often than not, disapproved ad is because of Policy Violation…
A lot of people jump in using Facebook Ads without taking the due diligence of knowing the Policies.
Facebook is quite strict with their policies. And if you don’t obey, dire consequences await…
Your ads will not be approved and worse comes to worst, your Business Manager Account will get flagged and you won’t be able to Advertise on Facebook again using your account…
This is quite a problem if you have already invested on your account and growing your Pixel..
So what can we do?..
It’s a must that you fix your ads and make it compliant before you create your Ads. As the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure…

On this video, we will discuss the Facebook Ads policy and how we can better position our Ads so we can get our Ads Approved EVERYTIME!


About Me:
Hi, I’m Colin P. Marcelino and I’m a certified Facebook Ads buying and planning professional. I’m also the owner and founder of https://colzzky.com. My platform already helped thousands of Filipinos online on their Online Marketing journey. This knowledge about Facebook Ads will greatly help business owners, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, real estate agents and many more to promote their business online, with the power of this Billion Dollar technology called Facebook Advertising – the best advertising platform in the planet as of this time…

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8 Thoughts to “[Facebook Ads Policy Explained] How To Get Your Ads Approved EVERYTIME”

  1. Possible po b na d maapprove mga religous content product? For example lantern po? About christmas?

  2. damn. I really needed this video but I can only understand half of what you are saying. what are you saying in between your English?

  3. Nice video sir😊 meron lng po sana ko tanong ok ba ke facebook yung mga collage photo wala naman syang txt me atleast 20plus photos ako kasama na yug ilang collage photo sa post ko tapos nag run ako ng campaign using my post pero not approved xa i have no idea kc kung bakit xa di na approved. Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing.. Kaya dapat lagi tayong updated sa mga policy ni facebook 😁

  5. Sir pano po ba yung direct debit On payment method? Kase po once na nilalagay ko yung bank details ko nanghihingi sila ng id verification

  6. tuloy tuloy mo lang sir madami nako natutunan. salamat!

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