Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences Tutorial

Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences Tutorial

Check out our video where we cover how to create Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences and use them in your campaigns. You can create lookalike audience in Facebook in 2019 after watching our tutorial, and you will know exactly how they work.

A Facebook Lookalike Audience is one popular way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers. You can create lookalike audiences that include Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) as well, which will help the Facebook Advertising platform find the most valuable customers that you have not reached yet.

Create a Lookalike Audience: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/465262276878947

Facebook Ads Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwrJgDL5JYE

Facebook Ads Retargeting Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryzkhr3ohO4

Facebook Ads Targeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqTbYw2f1bE

Install the Facebook Pixel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvOYTeOO2rQ

To get started, you want to sign-in to your Facebook Ads Manager for your Facebook Business Page. You generally start by creating Custom Audiences based on your website visitors, customer files, app activity, offline activity, page engagement, video engagement, and more. You can basically create lookalike audiences from any custom audience source, so the better the source, the better the lookalike will generally perform in your campaign.

You want to go to the drop-down menu in the top left hand corner, and click on Audiences under Asset Library. From there, you can choose Lookalike Audience and start going through the creation prompts. You can choose your Custom Audience source if you have an existing Custom Audience, or you can create a new audience. The more people that are in your source audience, the better your Lookalike audience will perform. You want to choose a source country based on your custom audience and where you will be targeting. Then, you can choose anywhere between 1% to 10%, and you can create multiple Lookalike audiences as well.

The slider with the Percentage Match from 1%-10% will determine how close your customers match to the initial source audience.


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26 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences Tutorial”

  1. I personally use 1% lookalikes in the beginning to scale then switch to 2%-3%. Massive value man♥️

  2. Hi.. Thanks for the video !! Do you recommend setting up lookalike audiences and custom audiences in their own campaigns? Will they not get the impressions needed if competing with other ad sets in the same campaign ?

  3. HI there, i have a questio, does there have to be a location added in the locations that corresponds to every lookalike audeince location??

  4. does look a like audience work for someone who has only 500 followers on their insta page and want to get more….

  5. Great video! I finished the whole 13 minutes because this tutorial is super on point and never boring! I am a new subscriber now! 🙂

  6. Thank you. This is very valuable information!

  7. Lookalike audiences update, but do custom audiences update or do you have to create a new custom audience manually to update it? Say 2 weeks from now I have more purchases from my website, does my custom audience update automatically or do I have to remake the custom audience for website purchases? Thank you!

  8. Really helpful video!! 🙂 Do you know if it's possible to target a specific area when creating a lookalike audience, rather than a country? For example, if I want to target London, United Kingdom ONLY – is this possible and how do I do it? Thanks!

  9. Can you use amazon storefront for website traffic custom audience?

  10. Hello, im no have location on LLA audience, why? :/ IM HAVE SOURCE AND SIZE, NO HAVE LOCATION.

  11. I need help I’m watching ur video and a few others and my ads manager for custom audiences and custom campaigns don’t offer me the choice to customize?!?! Can anyone tell me y not I’m a new business owner and it only offers me to use Ltv

  12. hi, i get this, do u know how to fix it? Source is Too Small: Please choose a source that includes at least 100 people in the same country.

  13. Hey! I had a quick Q!
    How does Facebooks AI create Look-A-Like Audiences? Say I just had an order list for my eCom site, how would Facebook know who to show my ads to?

  14. Very informative, appreciate it!

  15. Very informative, appreciate it!

  16. This is the only video that I could find where you use a lookalike in actually creating an ad. Bravo.

  17. wtf, how many ads did you agree to play to us!?

  18. Hey man – can you let me know how to create an audience based on value from a lead form? So a specific event that tells facebook when a customer filled out a lead form (landed on thank you page) on my website? And create a lookalike off that?

  19. when creating the ad after setting up my lookalike audience, I am not seeing them as an option to choose. its only showing the custom audience i set up to find the lookalike audience. Why?

  20. Someone help it’s saying my source is to small 😩

  21. Can I create a more targeted lookalike audience, specifically regarding my location? I'm in NYC, so choosing the "United States" as my location seems very broad however there is no option to choose a specific state as the location for my audience. I see one of yours says South Carolina but I can't figure out how to get that kind of an option to pop up.

  22. what if the mobile number uploaded is wrong but the email is right, will fb understand?

  23. I wanna Lookalike of your VOICE

  24. After how many viewed content would you create a lookalike audience is 500 to little?

  25. perfect many thanks great vid

  26. Great video! But I have a question: how does facebook manage budget when you set a range, let's say, from 2% to 7%? Does it go first for similarity before broadening? Or does it look equitably for everyone set within that range?

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