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Facebook Ads Learning Phase (Explained) – In 2020

Facebook Ads Learning Phase (Explained) – In 2020

If you are running conversion campaigns on Facebook ads and want to understand what the learning phase is and how it impacts your performance then you are at the right video.

What is the Learning Phase | 00:46
Learning Phase (advanced) | 02:38
Business Scenarios | 06:50

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19 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Learning Phase (Explained) – In 2020

  1. Dude your videos are great! Appreciate all the insight

  2. thanks for video, can i change budget after exit learning phase?

  3. Great Video. I couldn’t find that status in my ad account. Whenever I launch a campaign it says active. Does this effects ad performance?
    If yes, is there anything I can do?

  4. After we exited lp could we stop the ad set? So after re open that adset , can we use lp issues?

  5. Hello very nice video. Actually on traffic campaigns they also do have learn ing curve. On video it sais the opposite. I have a question though when we get the message it cannot exit the learn ing curve should you suggest to raise the budget of the campain? Thank you!

  6. Hi there, I just started my new CBO and it says "Active" in the delivery tab. It doesnt say anywhere "learning phase". Is something going wrong? thank youA

  7. How about create a new campaign while the current campaign in the learning phase?
    Will it affect to the learning process?

  8. Thanks a lot, it was super well structured and informative video

  9. Hi, so if you ran out of inventory for a week, then duplicate the ad-set and start on new instead of starting the old adset?

  10. Hi Zaryn,

    But what about Page Like campaigns?

    I need 50 opti. events to get out of the Learning Phase but the only opti. event is Page Like.
    In e-commerce you can set event from purchase to add to cart if you can't get enough events but in Page Like campaings you have only one event and that is Page Like.

    Also my ads work differentely. Example:

    I have $200 budget for 1 month on Page Like campaign.
    I am willing to pay $0.80 for Page Like.

    Just after 3 days I fell into Learning Limited.
    I got somewhere between 15 – 25 opti. events.
    And my cost per Page Like is around $0.40 which is 50% less than I am willing to pay.

    Any recommendations? Thank you

  11. Hello,
    I hope you're doing fine!
    I'm running a lead generation campaign for solar and I'm unable to exit the learning phase. How significant a change can be when the ad is in limited learning? Whenever I make a slight change it again goes to beginning of learning phase.
    Like I tried changing the budget from $100 to $125 but it was still in limited learning

  12. Hi, i got learning limited adset showed up on my campaign, but it was running good before. Somehow my friend doesn’t even have that learning phase on his campaign for the first time on conversion. Can you explain that? And what about if i got a message pop up on adsetting says ‘you might get zero purchase’ even the same adset i used before was profitable enough for me to get 15x ROAS. Please help. Thanks..

  13. Please, my Ad Acc was restricted severally on FB. They open it up after an appeal, but whenever I put up an ad, they say I can't run them.

    I am trying to run ads for an ecommerce store selling consumer electronics and smart gadgets. All the ads I tried running using pictures: traffic, conversion obj never ran. The only ad that successfully ran a week ago was an engagement short video slide with no link to the site.

    I've tried several things, but they keep restricting my Acc.
    I'm a freelancer. Started my journey this year.
    How do I address this pls?


  14. When you build out new ad sets do you just duplicate or create from scratch? Does duplicating start a new learning phase?

  15. Answer to the POP quiz- conversions are dependent on the # of ad sets not the creative so 50 conversions.

  16. Great Work! This video is very helpfull!! But i have a question..Please help me if you can!
    What type of conversion window are you suggest for high price items (100-150€)?
    I usually use the fb default window "7 day click and 1 day view", i have about 7-10 conversions per day, i want 7 days to take 50 conversions and exit from the learning phase BUT from the THIRD day my campaign is "learning limited".
    should i use only "7 days click" window? or to do something else?
    *my daily budget is about 50-70€ and i run only 1 campaign with 1 or 2 adsets

    Thanks in advance and Keep up the good work1

  17. What would be the best budget to set your ads for the learning phase?

  18. 50 conversions to exit the learning phase per ad set

  19. if im selling a 67 dollar product from a vsl where i first collect emails and use a 7 day click conversion window and a starting budget of 100 dollars/day then i wont be able to get the required 50 purchases/week so then what am i supposed to do? my concern is if ioptimise for leads or atc then i will get much lower quality traffic who wont buy. also isnt it best to have one interest per adset for cold traffic which will make it even harder to exit learning phase?

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