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Facebook Ads – Landing Page Views vs. Link Clicks (Explained)

Facebook Ads – Landing Page Views vs. Link Clicks (Explained)

If you are running Facebook ads and want to understand the key differences between a Landing Page Views vs. a Link Clicks ad delivery optimization then you are at the right video.

Breakdown: 00:55
Case Study: 01:56
Scenarios: 05:11

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10 thoughts on “Facebook Ads – Landing Page Views vs. Link Clicks (Explained)

  1. Zaryn always gets right to the point, clear and concise info that is actionable for any advertiser. Thanks!

  2. If you have a chance checkout my page. 🙂

  3. Great content! Showing your page some love and support.

  4. Perhaps you can improve your video transition.

  5. I would say Link Click for engagement on that picture since you not trying to bring them nowhere.

  6. Yes right a I was too using link clicks but afterwards shifted to LPV. But although currently there are not much sales.

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