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Facebook Ads is Changing…AGAIN (7 Trends & Predictions)

Facebook Ads is Changing…AGAIN (7 Trends & Predictions)

Facebook & Instagram are developing VR, Cryptocurrency, iOS14.5 and new ad types. So where is Facebook and Instagram heading? In this video I go over the 7 Facebook Ad trends and predictions that will change Facebook Ads in the future. Some of them may be surprising. Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “Facebook Ads is Changing…AGAIN (7 Trends & Predictions)

  1. Q: Do you still use Facebook as a social media platform personally?

    Don't forget to claim your Snapchat ad credit up to $1,000: https://bit.ly/freesnapcredit

  2. I use the Facebook API to tracking conversions, it doesn't help

  3. Zucks!great video mate👍🏼

  4. ZUCKS! amazing! thanks for this information, i learn a lot as always!

  5. MCS

    Making ads in augmented reality, OMG Iam hyped now

  6. It's funny that they just reply about my account and apologized stated my acct was disabled by accident and now will be restored. Fb is sick system.

  7. I spent lots of $$$ on Facebook Ads with zero ROI. Thanks for creating this content and sharing your insights. It's very helpful! "Zucks"! 🙂

  8. Can we run Facebook loan ad ?
    ie Home Loan
    Mortgage loan
    Car loan
    Personal loan

  9. The tendency that will never change is to set a proper targeting and launch ads at initially interested people willing to buy. If you're struggling with the standard targeting options, consider checking LeadEnforce out. This tool allows you to create custom audiences based on FB group members and page followers. Quite unique, right?

  10. How you are editing these videos please help me I want to create vidoe like this. Which tools and software are you using. ??????

  11. Hi, I am creating a website for doctor where customer can book appointment and make payment. Please suggest an app in shopify where I can do so…

  12. Zucks! Top value as always pal.

  13. Can you help me in finding someone who sells verified Facebook business manager with US address

  14. Thanks Andrew! Also, has anyone used LeadEnforce to create custom audiences based on Facebook group members and page followers? The point is I have and been enjoying it so far. Just wanted to recommend it in case you're interested.

  15. I watch the entire ads to try and help you out. I’ve just discovered this channel I got so much value.

  16. Great video brother. Zucks 💪

  17. Hi Andrew, I am just starting my journey and FB have already locked me out of and not allowing me to unlock my personal account. They have put my account under review (for no particular reason) several times. I have decided that I must look at other ad platforms and have placed FB for ads at the back of my mind for the time being

  18. Damn great analysis on Facebook man 👏🏽

  19. Amazing video as always! 🔥

  20. Honestly be so lost without you man. Started working on my dropshipping business after school and even though i havent made any sales yet im keen to keep learning and the your the only person who really has valuable videos. love the content keep it up!

  21. All they do is disable accounts. They never review I got an account disabled for a year they never reviewed and now say its to late. Not using no more. I invest too much $.

  22. Zucks! Btw Andrew, what do you recommend for someone who is starting out?

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