Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret Strategies!

Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret Strategies!

Facebook ads continue to be one of the smartest ways any business can spend its limited marketing budget — but with costs still rising, it’s more important than ever to play it SMART.

That’s why I’ll show you exactly what’s working into 2020, so you can stop wasting your ad budget, and start hitting your exact ideal customers with the right offer and message that will finally make your ads profitable!

Follow these tips, and you can be sure to see more engagement, more visibility, and more sales and leads coming into your business.
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32 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret Strategies!”

  1. Businesses would be wise not to be associated with facebook and advertise elsewhere in the digital universe. Reasons inc. facebook has many negative associations for many people inc. myself as it's platform is designed to be addictive to monopolize user's attention. I personally do not like to be manipulated, I stay clear of facebook. As well the advertising is disruptive and disrupts from the user experience, thus I found I just find the ad content on FB annoying. However on a site I like Pinterest, I appreciate the advertising, as I am posting about things that I am doing or planning on such as designing a new room in my home. If an ad comes up for paint or something it is potentially helpful, verses disruptive. As well the ethics of Pinterest and some other social media platforms are much more favorable over dubious facebooks. Facebook's platform is highly manipulative and addictive, a business model my principles are not aligned with.

  2. There’s no option to adding pictures to a existing post …can you help me with this issue?

  3. Please help me !
    Hello sir I have got a question
    And I Cannot find a solution on it.
    Please help me.
    Let's say
    I Create a campaign targeting specific audience of 300,000
    With an Ad budget of $10 a day
    But after a day or two.
    My ads dont spend whole daily budget.
    It starts spending only $3-4 of the total $10.
    My ads are approved
    Audience size is also not narrow
    I have kept low cost strategy which spends max of your budget and gives you max volume.
    Still My ads gets freezed in the afternoon spending only quarter of daily budget.
    And this goes on for days and days.

    It has been a consistent problem

    Do you know what can be the reason.

  4. 1. The use of dynamic creativity
    2. Using Facebook ads library to spy on competitors
    3. Creating interactive click to messenger Facebook ads
    4. Sponsored messaging remarketing ads
    5. Narrowing audience with engaged shoppers
    6. The ad grid method
    7. Scroll stoppers

  5. Have you been able to successfully generate leads for web design/ development through FB Ads? Since you are in the niche, it makes sense to ask you

  6. Saya mau tanya jikalau video yg kita download di youtube lalu kita edit sekian mungkin, lalu upload di Fanspage akan diterima jeda iklan gak..

  7. FB disabled my ads for no apparent reason… How do I get re-enabled?

  8. Hi Wes McDowel, What's your advice for a team of 2 developers who have a less skills in social marekting for lead generation to upcoming app through facebook and instagram without using ads ?

  9. i was waiting for some guru shit "buy my course for more" but nah keep up the good work man

  10. Great video – spot on with the tips!

  11. most of people say . dont use engaged shoper . i dont knew why ?

  12. if you ar not . in usa . some ads . does not appear

  13. Ihave problem with CPM very high in USA

  14. What if my competitors aren't using ads?

  15. I don't want Facebook to have my personal credit card information tied
    to my personal FB account. Can I need to create a new email at my
    business domain and create a new Facebook account with it and create my
    business Facebook page and business Facebook Ads Manager account with it

  16. I like your video and i like your background too looks cool, you got a new subscriber 🙂

  17. More videos please, we need to learn more about ADS how to create ads that can be perfect sales. take care to keep the videos coming.

  18. Great video as usual.
    Could you please create a video for how to create a Facebook & Instagram Ad budget estimation for new clients?

  19. Great content. But do you feel like you’ve stretched far beyond design?

  20. Would be using the dynamic creative tip and the Facebook ad grid together a bad idea? It feels like they belong together almost

  21. 200 insight and no click 😭

  22. I cant seem to be able to change the title of my ads . There is no option for it. How can i fix this?

  23. Hi, thanks for this very useful video. I would like to ask your opinion on the size of the audience that we target for advertising with let’s say for example for a 100$/day campaign.

    A: is a wide audience(one broad interest) going to perform better?
    B: is a small audience(many similar interests&behaviors) going to perform better?

    I am not sure on which is better for 2020 I would really appreciate your opinion on it.

  24. My lead forms deliver consistent trash leads

  25. Hello Wes, I'm currently preparing for my website launch in January, thinking about booking a consultation with you soon. Just wanted to mention that I'm watching it on my treadmill and the YouTube app there is pretty basic, so I have to always look for your channel and I realised that your channel is not always easy to find! When I search for Deep End, it doesn't come up, when I search for Wes Landing it's also not easy to see…

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