Facebook Ads Hack That Will Guarantee Higher Conversions

Facebook Ads Hack That Will Guarantee Higher Conversions

In this video, we will look at a Facebook Ad hack that will guarantee higher conversions. To get access to additional training:

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In this video, I am going to breakdown a facebook ads hack in tutorial fashion that I discovered. There are some really good facebook ad hacks out there. This one is going to be at the top of the list.

Facebook ads 2019 is more challenging than before, but honestly, facebook ads are still one of the best ways to crush it in digital marketing and to boost your social media marketing.

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18 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Hack That Will Guarantee Higher Conversions”

  1. ✅ How to Create Your First Social Media Marketing Agency as a Complete Beginner!


  2. Hi! I'm planning to do a conversion campaign. If I have 5 adsets, how many ads do i have to put on each adsets? I would like to put video on those ads. Thank you very much.

  3. Amazing content! Just what I needed, thanks a lot!

  4. You cannot use accounts for farming or botnets unless they are verified❗️. Otherwise, they will be blocked ⛔️ in a few days, if not immediately after you use them. That's why you need to buy only PVA accounts on facebook. 📣 For me, the best place to do it is accfarm.com. They have reasonable prices and high quality of the accounts.

  5. Would recommend using this strategy to drive traffic to a youtube channel?

  6. Great stuff. Question- Why we can't create the engagement ad from the ad ads manager itself vs posting first on Facebook page?


  7. You said we have to run ad for 3 days minimum for pixel to gather sufficient data. But, is it necessary for engagement ads? I mean we'll be running engagement ads just for showing social proof. I started running engagement ad 8 hrs back with $5 budget and already got 600+ reactions and some comments and shares. So is it necessary for me to run the engagement ad for 3 days? I feel we should run traffic ad for 3 days instead and when the pixel gathers enough data on traffic ad, we can then optimize for conversions using custom/lookalike audience. Am I right? Please correct me

  8. Great video. Quick question are those countries that you targeted English speaking countries? Would that interfere with the ad creative ?

  9. Very general video, all the topic covered in this video was how to get cheap engagement as a social proof for ads

  10. @22:06 Interesting he is saying to do traffic first. I'm seeing it can be done both ways. People are going straight to conversions without any data. I think its more costly to do this but some do this to get sales faster.

  11. LOL – fastest way to mess up your pixel data. hahaha

  12. if you launch an ad for engagement and then for traffic is it then possible to launch your ad again for engagement if you want more cheaper likes on it?

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  14. Super valuable stuff ! Thanks

  15. This was worth my 35 Mins.. Thank You <3

  16. Hey Billy, one of the best videos on FB ads ever. No BS. Well done man.

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