FACEBOOK ADS | For Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers

FACEBOOK ADS | For Wedding Photographers & Filmmakers

FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM ADS, AM I RITE? I am here trying to breakdown the basics for advertising using Facebook, specifically for Wedding Photographers and Wedding Filmmakers. It is actually beyond easy to target newly engaged couples. In this video, I will walk you through my thought processes of creating an advert, and a step by step approach to make sure you target them correctly. Its a LONG one, and It will only cover the basics.

Hope this helps some of you.


2:29 Marketing Objectives
3:45 Custom Audiences
6:55 Detailed Targeting
8:20 Budget & Schedule
9:10 Format
10:20 Ad Setup
10:55 Split Testing
12:10 Facebook Pixel
13:25 Messenger Setup
14:20 Confirm Advert
14:46 Recap


IG: https://bit.ly/2ZIDPSB @colinsteingard
Youtube: https://bit.ly/31u1O8O


Music licenced with Musicbed.com
Song used: “Spaces” by UTAH


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  1. Thank you 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Thank you so much bro! I needed this! 👏🏼

  3. we should get married Colin 😉

  4. What's the difference between continuously boosting your main post for your wedding photography to running this kind of ad? I went on a course and they taught us just to boost our main post with our best images each week

  5. Will i limit my reach, if i add contact number in headline/news feed description?

  6. FINALLY some detailed info on wedding photo/video ads. I’ve searched for a visual walk-through like this for AGES and you freaking nailed it. Thanks so much!!

  7. Very helpful! I subscribed. Please keep making videos like this!

  8. Colin with the split testing tip.

    Always delivering that value.

  9. This tutorial is really useful even if you're not a photographer 😙 Thanks dude!

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