Facebook Ads for Event Responses Power Editor Tutorial May 2016

Facebook Ads for Event Responses Power Editor Tutorial May 2016

Watch live as I set-up ads for my Facebook event. In this tutorial I am setting up ads to drive me to my Facebook event page that is promoting my Twitch stream. I will show you how to create effective ads the most efficiently using the Facebook Power Editor.

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Time stamps
00:15 The Facebook Ads Manager is the easiest way to make an ad for an event.
00:57 For the event photo I recommend using an image with no text.
01:30 Let’s get started reusing my old page from a previous event.
01:40 Make you invite friends to the event before running ads for social proof.
02:20 Who wants to go to an event that no one else is going to?
03:00 In the power editor I can make make much longer event ads.
03:15 First ad in the power editor for event responses.
05:25 Scheduling ads to run leading up to the day of the event.
06:45 Setting up detailed targeting for my even ads.
07:50 Automatic bids tend to work the best.
08:25 Creating the actual ads.
13:10 If your event ad didn’t get approved right away it probably means you did something wrong with the text.
13:45 Creating different variations of the ads and testing different targeting.
20:02 One more ad variation.
22:00 Facebook will show the best ads to people in your campaign.
22:20 Creating new ad sets.
26:15 How I choose my budget.
27:25 My online business has made over $1 million.
28:13 I have had success with my business by testing new things and giving people what they want.
28:50 If you want to continue learning with me, visit https://jerrybanfield.com/courses/
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  1. Jerry, is facebook going to charge for each one of the ad sets?

  2. Hey Jerry
    I really love your content I am just starting up with facebook ads.
    I have some trouble with actually setting up my account.
    I want to help out smaller businesses who have no idea on how to advertize on facebook.

    In wich way should i set up my Business manager and ad manager account ?

    I'm sorry if you have heared this question so often but i really love your content

    much love

  3. Also, Jerry please reduce size of your jumping face-box. It's scary when you moving in-out & shaking a lot – very destructive.. Or may be it's cos i'm always listen to you on speed 2?
    Big fan BTW. Spending hours lately watching-re-watching your lectures. You're the best so far I found after 3 mo searching & listening YT Video about FB & Twitter.

  4. How to remove blue annoying bar from the top – takes 10% of space?

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