Facebook Ads For Car Dealerships Step By Step Tutorial

Facebook Ads For Car Dealerships Step By Step Tutorial

If you’re car salesman, car dealer, dealership general manager, social media marketer or someone who is looking for the best tactics how to generate high-quality car buyer leads with Facebook ads then this is the video you’ve been looking for! This video will show you how to effectively utilize Facebook Advertising for Car Dealerships!

In this video, I’ll show you the most up to date strategies on Facebook ads for car dealerships.

The strategies we’ll cover in this video will help you sell more cars and will work for independent (used card dealers) as well as new franchise dealerships.

We’ll go over the best car advertisement examples that are performing in the automotive industry, also I’ll show you what content car dealers should post on the Facebook business page to grow the page following and attract more local car buyers and we’ll create our first facebook ad, we’ll use specific automotive targeting and create multiple ads sets.
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25 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads For Car Dealerships Step By Step Tutorial”

  1. Thank You For your help, so much value how to set up a Campaign on FB

  2. Dude you are soooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  3. I Really Appreciate all of the detailed value that you provided. I’m just concerned about gathering the customer’s financial information to pre-qualify them for a loan. Is It necessary in the USA to have a license for this step?

  4. hi I like your videos. can do Facebook page for me how the cost please

  5. Hey Alex, I created a very similar ad doing it step by step as you did. When I went to finish it and have it reviewed, Facebook said that it needed to be in the special ad category? Is this because this video was done 10 months ago and they have changed their policy?

  6. Alex, are you still not clicking on the special ads category?

  7. Can you add a privacy policy without website?

  8. Thanks man! Great material, great help!

  9. Hey Alex, for the 'capture info' part of the blueprint, as a social media marketing agency owner, should I be the one who follows up and books them an appointment? Or should that be the job of employees from the car dealership that I am running ads for?

  10. Do you think a 2 week free trial for car dealerships using all this strategies that you teach in this video?

  11. Amazing content! This is helping me more than ever I’m glad I came across your channel 😄 keep up the great work! 🤩

  12. Quick tip, don't use CBO unless you're spending ATLEAST $50/day

  13. Ready for the next video about funnels and scheduling

  14. that was a very insightful video. I understand that digital advertising can help automobile businesses to reach out to potential customers. I use MediaQart, which is a digital marketing suite backed by automation that helps run digital advertisements for your business, I recommend you guys to check it out://bit.ly/2WHYrc8

  15. Great video, thank you for the valuable information @AlexLytvynchuk ! I was wondering what app do you use to create your funnels & can they be linked to facebook ads? Thank you very much!

  16. And please send me a link to your course!!

  17. Please help, so I finished the ad, your video was great but where does the questionnaire go to that the customer filled out?? I seen my ad on facebook just 1 hour after making it and I filled out the info, and now cant find the information- where does it go or how do I set that up?? Please help!!

  18. Im from Canada your information come helpful im native well i cant tell you in here will you help me out my building something big i was a drop shipper i quit my job so im still advertise so is your form become help full you call me my number will be in there thanks

  19. Awesome Video Alex….I live in the Fort Myers area here in Fl……this area is wall to wall dealerships from small lots to massive lots….I'd venture to say 75% do not have a clue how to run real FB ads like this…..they do a lot of radio BS…ads that are ridiculous for bad credit hooks……ton of content here!…..Ty Alex

  20. Awesome presentation Alex. I have a meeting with a dealership come tuesday of this week. This was fantastic and I am really going to try my best to close them out so that I can start getting them the results they desire :)!

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