Facebook Ads For Beginners – Create Winners Not Losers!

Facebook Ads For Beginners - Create Winners Not Losers!

Many entrepreneurs get frustrated with Facebook ads, especially when so much money is spent on ads with little to show for it. In this video, I will show you how to run successful Facebook ads that will make you money and take you from a beginner to an expert. Subscribe: https://pengjoon.com/subscribenow

The biggest mistake that many entrepreneurs make, when it comes to running Facebook ad campaigns, is to invest in money to run ads to people whom they think may be interested in their businesses, in hope that they will buy. There is a huge risk here as this so-called target audience doesn’t even have any prior knowledge about these businesses or products; the chances are, they are not even aware of the existence of the problem and the potential solution. Running ads under such circumstances is really as good as throwing money into the black hole. What if I can teach you how to structure a profitable Facebook ad campaign so that you can double, triple or even duadruple your returns from the amount that you invest into Facebook ads. Watch this video right now.

The best way to do this is through ClickFunnels, which you can sign up for a FREE 14-day trial. Click on this link to get it: http://www.pengjoon.com/funnelgift.

After you have done so, remember to claim the bonuses – click on the links below to download the two funnels that you can readily copy and implement right away to create your desired results.

Book funnel

Webinar funnel


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18 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads For Beginners – Create Winners Not Losers!”

  1. Thank you Peng Joon! So valuable!!!!

  2. I like how you tell us the money comes from the retargeting and not the targeting. I think thos is something that all of us is getting wrong. And how you show us to create a custom audience for all the 5 steps. It surely help to follow up with our customers.

    Peng Joon,I have a question. If I am selling a tour service does that means that I do not need a 5 steps?

  3. WOW!!!
    In every video i watched it feels like getting closer to my dreams…thanks a lot MENTOR PENG JOON.
    Everything for me now is getting clearer and im getting more excited…

  4. I love learning how to transition your targeted crowd, and about these funnel systems. Pixel, and being pixled does make me a bit uneasy as I lack knowledge in this are

  5. Tnx Mr peng joon,,very informative video more power to you…

  6. Thanks man for this video. Never knew that those 5 steps were so important for online business like how exercise and eating habits are crucial for one’s good health. More than that, the MINDSET tip was the most striking one. Once again thanks bro. You’re amazing. God bless you

  7. Hahahah keep it funny, keep it real! Thank you Peng Joon. It is very useful!

  8. Amazing PengJoon so much valuable information in just one video

  9. This is a damn gold mine. I have been onto facebook ads for quite some time and I had rough idea about so many things. You just connected the dots for me. This video is really amazing. Most people pay for this and your content is free. I had to rewatch the video to take notes. My biggest takeaway was how to use custom ads and how to create those ads for each step in the sales funnel because I always had the question of what happens if they miss the webinar? Many of my questions were answered in this 12mins. Thank you so much for the value it is damn FIRE!

  10. Cool information
    Keep going brother peng

  11. Thank you! very informative! 🙌

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