Facebook Ads BROAD PPE Testing And Scaling Method

Facebook Ads BROAD PPE Testing And Scaling Method

Today I’m going to share one of my biggest and most successful strategies with you guys!

You cannot miss this video. I drop some GOLDEN NUGGETS here, and show you a very strong strategy when it comes to testing and scaling using the Facebook Ads BROAD PPE Method.

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7 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads BROAD PPE Testing And Scaling Method”

  1. Yes I use PPE while testing , because it lowers CPM and makes customers more comfortable to engage๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. Hey Andy
    Can you please talk or make a video about scalfy app and how to use it

  3. Awesome video, thanks for sharing this strategy, I do not think any guru will show it for FREE. This strategy is gold! Thank Andy. You are great!I feel I am so lucky to follow your channel.

  4. Great strategy bro will save this one

  5. One question…do you only use this broad PPE strategy literally on a general store dropshipping product on your general 1-product store? Or a niche branded dropshipping store similar to store like hismile.com Thanks.

  6. Hey Andy, thank you once again for the awesome value. I start straight to Purch event for testing and do not really trust using PPE for testing. I have done that before, but failed miserably that's why I go straight to Purch and most of the times I do have 1-2 sales on Day #1 which I believe it is a fluke sale as I do into Day #2, I got nothing and Day #3, I got nothing and I will kill off the campaign after running Purch event after Day #5 which I learned from ecom youtubers.

    I will be re-watching this video many times and jot down notes so that I can reapply your PPE strategy again. Thanks for sharing such awesome content. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Great vid man, your a legend and your content is great! Definitely standing out from the crowd!

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