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Facebook Ads Boycott (Explained)

Facebook Ads Boycott (Explained)

Over 100 Advertisers are Boycotting Facebook for the month of July (2020) as a part of a campaign called #StopHateForProfit.

In this video we give you the context and the background so that you can make an informed decision about your Facebook Ads investments and your participation.

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15 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Boycott (Explained)

  1. I can't see why big channels like BBC rarely create "explained" videos. I just couldn't find a video that would actually explain me that what this boycott is about. Thank you very much!

  2. You had to go with the Russians election story ?

  3. Advertisers calling for censorship,…….just think about it.

  4. The idea that these big companies are doing enything else other than following their own interest (which is to make money) is naive. They don't give a fock about hate speech. Just money. Then there's the discussion of what the heck hate speech is. I've been hated quite a number of times on Facebook. Do I want those guys banned? YES. Is it right to do so? Nope. I can just block them. Facebook is a platform not a publisher. As long as they have the rights not to be sued for what is said on their platform, there's a limit to what they can remove. And these big brands associate with other hateful and opposing movements which they consider to be good, who harrass other people too online very often and never get banned.

  5. Who decides what's what ? Suppressing freedom of speech is a trip down the rabbit hole you really don't want.

  6. It's called America. Freedom of speech. If you're against that you're against us.

  7. No Facebook is doing such a bad job because I seen a Lotta hate speech post on Facebook and I have tried to report it and they don’t do anything about it people get bullied a lot of hate speech you reported it they never goes down they never remove it including Instagram I believe that everyone should stop investing on their ads permanently never invest on anymore on Facebook or Instagram !!!

  8. We'll boycott the companies that are boycotting Facebook.

  9. I really want Facebook to go Bankrupt.

  10. C P

    I hope the American companies donate their FB advertising savings to the NYPD after what their mayor did yesterday…

  11. The existence of hate speech is not a dilemma. It is a byproduct of freedom of expression. Not everyone online is going to have an opinion you agree with, some will have opinions you despise. No one has the right to not be offended. No individual or group, or society, has the right or wisdom to decide whose opinions should be heard and whose should be silenced. Interference with the exercise of any kind of speech is a recipe for the destruction of the most essential freedom that American's have and without that freedom Americans go from having everything, to having nothing.

  12. You said these Civil Liberty groups are harassing FB to protect 'The rights and liberties of people' 0:57
    …yet they want to do this by taking away the 'The rights and liberties of people' to free speech.
    laughing at the hypocrisy so much has started to hurt my ribs.

  13. Imagine if all of those boycotting companies took that money, 56 billion(can't even contemplate how much money that is floating around) and put it into impoverished communities.

  14. As always, great stuff Zaryn!

  15. Observei que vídeos sobre Facebook Ads são muito genéricos, vocês não abordam muito a parte estratégica, como sou leiga, acabo tendo problemas em anunciar.

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