Facebook Ads 2020 | How to STEAL Your Competitors' Customers (Facebook Ads Targeting)

Facebook Ads 2020 | How to STEAL Your Competitors' Customers (Facebook Ads Targeting)

Watch this video to learn how to steal your competitors’ customers with Facebook Ads (using google, interest targeting, and audience insights) and how to find other highly targeted audiences related to your competitors’ audiences. Also check out my other Facebook Ads videos linked below:

➠ This is a really good book for learning core concepts and strategies of Facebook Advertising: https://amzn.to/36rL8Bh

➠ How to Setup, Structure & Name YOUR FACEBOOK ADS Campaigns, Ad Sets, & Ads in 2020! (tutorial): https://youtu.be/lLaMxlbJgVo
➠ How to Steal Your Competitors’ CUSTOMERS: https://youtu.be/CCUQgDTuB_0
➠ Facebook Business Manager Tutorial 2020: https://youtu.be/rhX1sxS-yf0
➠ 10 Most Common Facebook Ads Mistakes: https://youtu.be/b-Me9_4RGHg

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Alex Sco is an online entrepreneur that has built multiple 6&7 figure online businesses by selling product with Facebook Ads, Amazon FBA, Kickstarter, YouTube, Instagram


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30 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads 2020 | How to STEAL Your Competitors' Customers (Facebook Ads Targeting)”

  1. Really enjoyed your videos! In terms of audience insights, I'm coming across a lot of interests that have low or not that much potential reach after plugging in engaged shoppers. I was wondering what your rule of thumb on how much potential reach should a campaign have, how much would be too low or how much would be too high? Should I even care about the potential reach?

  2. Love your content! Really helpful. I need help with figuring our my audience. Are there any of your videos where you cover more re audiences/ figuring out who and where they are? Thanks!!!

  3. Anybody have doubts about FBs clicks on your ads / posts ?????? Example: I am running a FB ad campaign now and presently FB say i have had 89 link clicks. I use bitly aswell to track clicks, Bitly say i have 49. Massive difference…what do you think, anybody any thoughts? thanks for reading.

  4. Great video. Thanks, Tom Brady.

  5. I think I'm in love with you🙃, you are one of the few that is not greedy to give a well explained information.
    And for that reason I subscribed.
    Don't worry I'm not gonna say for that reason I'm out.😂😂😂

  6. What’s the point of narrowing down by affinity x main interest (anker in the video example)? In other words: Why would high affinity page x anker be a better target audience than just anker? I don’t get the logic here, would appreciate your help !

    Btw great video.

  7. Hey make a video on ecommerce based ads too.
    Your videos makes sense and I loved your tips

  8. Really like your videos man keep up the awesome work :p

  9. Hello, really Good profile 😀 is it possible to steal Instagram competitors followers ? Or we can use it just for Facebook ?

  10. Awesome video! Thanks so much!

  11. More value. Thank you.
    I have problem with fbads. Always CPM. High. So no big profits

  12. Hi, you are making good content which I loved it but for Facebook library they have country restrictions to access these details. Right?

  13. best video Ive watched today! So simple, no waffle and no cash on the table boasting about how you got rich (like others I saw). Thank you for a great video!

  14. Great Video's, keep up the great work. Thanks for not making it like a "Tutorial Style", very easy to follow. Def New Sub

  15. This place was so good and detailed. I’m definitely gonna try it

  16. This is so good, we love watching you come across so well, so casual its amazing.

  17. Hi dear friend! Thank you for the video. It helps me a lot now at the start. I run Facebook ads for two months, the budget for the ads is 5-10 $. A little, but so far I can’t afford more. It often happens that the first day I get one sale or one add to the cart. Then I wait and hope that sales will begin. But I will spend $ 30-50 and never get a sale. At what point should I stop showing ads so as not to spend a lot? In which video you can watch it? Thanks. Igor.

  18. Facebook Says It Won’t Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads

  19. How to see a competitors campaign details such as the age group location and target interest keywords? Is there a free tools for it?

  20. What if your competitors didn't show up in there?

  21. Very thorough, and easy to follow. You’re the man

  22. It keeps getting better and better. 👏

  23. Nin…Ja !!!!!….Go…..You da man!

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