Facebook Ad Copy Trade Secret 2

Facebook Ad Copy Trade Secret 2

Facebook Ad Copy Trade Secret 2
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Here’s how we teach fellow advertisers to stop relying on the backend of their sales funnel to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ and let the context of the ad do the ‘sifting’…

…so Facebook’s algorithm can then optimize for what matters most – BUYERS.

On our workshop we show our 2X-5X converting Facebook ad formula we teach fellow advertisers to use when generally accepted ‘best practices’ do not generate desired results anymore…

Most advertisers still deploy a direct ‘in your face’ ad approach…

…then try to ‘dress up’ their message with emojis…

…rather than using the intelligence of Facebook’s ‘machine learning’ algorithm to their advantage.

After witnessing millions in ad spend in our agency we’ve refined a high converting formula.

This formula proves why we continue to use and teach the same ad framework for years now.

Predictable and sustainable ROI’s on this platform will always boil down to one thing…

…but the ‘one thing’ it does NOT have anything to do with is what most advertisers believe it to be.

‘Best Practices’…

…almost every single ‘Best Practice’ we see is outdated.

This ‘one thing’ is actually the ability to ‘blend in to stand out’.

Ads that are more β€˜natural feeling’ that provide solid content AND relevance tend to sustain longer…

…with far better results, yet still follow a ‘Formula’.

Our ‘EPIC’ Ad Formula accomplishes this by consistently giving the algorithm what it needs to find the right prospect quicker…

…and much more efficiently with less wasted ad spend.

We’ve found this method to work with a wide every niche we’ve applied it to including:

– Digital Products
– E-commerce Offers
– Professionals
– Course Creators
– Local Brick & Mortar Businesses

…having better results than their previous ads.

Every… single…time.

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So in a nutshell here is the β€˜EPIC’ Framework:

Engage – Engage with Context
Present – Present the Problem and Empathize
Illustrate – Illustrate your Solution
Convert – Call to Action

It’s a 4 part progression that works with any type of ad or video.

Because it’s a natural decision making process the brain needs to ‘check’ before deciding.

This is not about some optimization gimmick…

…or even a non-compliant technique that acts like a ticking time bomb when discovered.

This is simply a process of feeding Facebook’s ad algorithm what it needs.

While producing the result we want when we use this process.

Our framework actually causes the ad to sustain longer because it ‘checks all the right boxes’ when it comes to optimization.

We’ve had ads running for 6 months or more at a time without having to ‘refresh’ our creatives.

So on this workshop replay we’ll reveal:

1. Our Proprietary 4-Step Ad Writing Formula
2. Our proven ‘Direct to Sale’ template
3. How we create buyers automatically
4. Why pro copywriters are handicapped on Facebook
5. How we leverage the Facebook algorithm optimally

Sign up and attend our workshop below and use our 4-step EPIC ad process we use to write sustainable ads that do not ‘burn out’

πŸ‘‰ https://bit.ly/2QZYsJX πŸ‘ˆ

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