Extremely Stressful Challenges I've faced in my Dropshipping Business (Shopify, eBay, & Amazon)

Extremely Stressful Challenges I've faced in my Dropshipping Business (Shopify, eBay, & Amazon)

As a business owner you’re DEFINITELY going to face challenges & problems. If you have a dropshipping business on Shopify or eBay, FBA (Amazon) business, or even a physical business that isn’t ecommerce related, I’m going to discuss THREE challenges I can almost assure you’ll run into. I want to explain my experiences with each one, & my advice on dealing with each one.

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The three extremely difficult challenges I’ll go over that I’ve faced include:

1. โ˜… HIRING AN ACCOUNTANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS โ˜… – This one caused me so much stress & it took me so long to finally overcome. It’s easy to find an accountant, but it’s not easy to find a GOOD accountant. Accounting is one of those things that you just can’t ignore when it comes to your business. However, if you’re like me & you want a GREAT accountant to help you with your business taxes, then you might struggle to find one. I met & spoke with so many accountants who were, well, terrible accountants really. Many of these accountants were irresponsible & didn’t know how to communicate well, & that was definitely a huge issue for me.

The three things that an accountant MUST have for me to work with them are:

– Communication: Don’t settle for an accountant in your business who will not communicate important things about your business (or personal) taxes with you. A lot of accountants are used to people not caring about things, so they simply don’t communicate with you because they think you’re the same way. DON’T ALLOW THIS. Having an accountant is not an excuse to be 100% uninvolved with the accounting & numbers of your business.

– Understanding: This one’s pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how many accountants you’ll speak to that don’t meet this one requirement. That is, knowing what they’re doing when it comes to accounting

– Responsible: A lot of the accountants I was going to potentially work with were just simply too irresponsible. Many of them take on too many clients & cannot handle their work, so what happens is they miss filing important forms for you on time, & in the end you will suffer & potentially pay the IRS interest because of this. An irresponsible accountant is an accountant that deserves to be fired.

2. โ˜… GOING FULL-TIME IN YOUR BUSINESSโ˜… – This is a challenge & decision you will almost certainly have to think about as a business owner eventually if you scale your business large enough. Going full-time in your business is not a decision that should be made lightly, & it’s something that you really need to run the numbers on & think about financially rather than emotionally. A lot of people make a mistake and leave their careers or dropout of college way too quickly because they’re making a healthy profit from their business, but that’s not always the right choice.

3. โ˜… HIRING EMPLOYEES FOR YOUR BUSINESS โ˜… – This challenge for me was just as difficult to deal with as finding a quality accountant for my business. As a business owner, after scaling my business, I eventually had to look for employees to hire. Trust me when I say that you will learn to respect your boss (or former boss) a little more after you start looking for employees to hire. Finding & hiring QUALITY employees is very difficult in my experience. And whether you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant overseas to work for your eBay, Amazon, or Shopify dropshipping business, or if you’re looking for someone in the United States (or your home country) to work for you, I am almost certain this will be a bit of a challenge for you as well.

Many of the employees I would interview/hire had the following three problems:

1. Tardy – A lot of the potential employees I was looking to hire wouldn’t even come to their interviews on time. I heard a lot of excuses over & over again, and the tardiness just kept happening and happening.

2. Unqualified – Many potential hires would express that they knew how to do what the job required, & they would seem very confident. However, when it came time to train them, I would quickly learn that they didn’t really understand much and weren’t actually as qualified as they had mentioned

3. Unable to follow simple directions/Unmotivated – Many employees I was looking to hire would show me within the first week that they were just not motivated to work & follow simple directions. If an employee is motivated to work, then they will come and time & work. If not, then they’ll make excuses & never really get their job done. Getting unmotivated as an employee is common and I’m sure many of us can relate, but being that way within the first week is unacceptable.

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