EVERYTHING WRONG With Ebay Dropshipping

EVERYTHING WRONG With Ebay Dropshipping

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In this video I talk about everything wrong with dropshipping on eBay.
Most people are so focussed on how to dropship on eBay or how to sell on eBay, how to find profitable items and do the most effective research but most people are not prepared for the many things that can go wrong with eBay drop shipping.

In this video I go into some of the most in depth detail about some major obstacles in eBay dropshipping and it is important for you to understand what is the best way to start selling on eBay

✨ Helpful Videos for Dropshipping ✨

πŸ“– Wholesale Dropshipping on Ebay
βœ”οΈ Dropship from Wholesale Suppliers
βœ”οΈ Everything you need to get started
βœ”οΈ Here is the Tutorial: http://bit.ly/WholesaleDropshippingEbay

πŸ“– Aliexpress to Ebay Dropshipping
βœ”οΈ High Profit strategies
βœ”οΈ Everything you need to get started
βœ”οΈ Here is the Tutorial: http://bit.ly/AliexpressToEbay

πŸ”Ž Ebay Dropshipping Product Research Tutorial
βœ”οΈ Find winning products to sell on eBay
βœ”οΈ Here is the Tutorial: http://bit.ly/EbayProductResearch

πŸ’° Earn extra money on your sales
βœ”οΈ Cachback for Aliexpress Orders
βœ”οΈ Here is the Tutorial: https://youtu.be/cagWT9KUU6A

πŸ’Έ Save Money on Your Currency Conversions
βœ”οΈ Multi Currency International Bank Account
βœ”οΈ Low than Paypal fees on currency conversion
βœ”οΈ Get Transferwise: http://bit.ly/TransferWiseTFFN

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25 Thoughts to “EVERYTHING WRONG With Ebay Dropshipping”

  1. Hey, i have an account and my ocmpany and account ar based in the Netherlands. what is the best way to approach eBay dropshipping for me?

  2. Does ebay tell you when you get flagged eg. email or message or is it just known to ebay & not yourself. Great content too keep it up!

  3. Yo aliexpress only sells fake items. Which in turn makes it near impossible to find real items to sell. Dropshipping is dead….

  4. Thanks for the video I learnt so much from it. Looking to start dropshiping and am looking into wholesale so am looking forward to the other videos. Will definitely be purchasing your course soon.

  5. I’m getting tracking on my listings, something over 20 views in a few days now, but I can’t seem to get my first sale? Do you think it has something to do with the fact that I’m not a business seller and that it states that returns won’t be accepted on my listings?

  6. Do you use the same method for finding products from AliExpress that you teach when your account is flagged?

  7. excellent video, excellent content. thank you for addressing this concern!

  8. I've tested dozens of eBay accounts and I can attest that using software/tools that connect directly to ebay's API will definitely flag your account. eBay isn't stupid, they black listed a dozens of these tools. While there are hundreds of tools out there, there are only a few dozen that are strictly focused on retail drop shipping. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to compile a list of all popular retail drop shipping tools and add them to their black list. Do not listen to people who claim that these tools won't flag your account. No, it doesn't mean that if you were to use non api solution to upload your CSV files through file exchange that eBay won't flag your account, they have other metrics that will also flag your account however the easiest one for them to find out if you are a drop shipper is through API. Also I have said this many times before, your eBay account can be flagged for other violations, not just drop shipping. For example your account can be flagged because you continue to create duplicate listings despite ebay's policy violations.

    — Stanislav Spon

  9. Hi im 15 and i made Β£1000 in sales last month with 250 items listed. I guess you don't have to tell me but roughly how many items do you have listed right now on your store. I want to have a rough idea of the amount of items listed i need to do bigger figures like you πŸ™‚ thanks love your channel btw.

  10. that's Really great ! thank you sarwer

  11. I've done api and non api and both are flagged.

  12. Hey Sarwar, wanted to know if adding a tracking number is compulsory on ebay? I am planning to drop ship items from ali express and apparently looking for shipping with tracking numbers will make me no profit. If it is compulsory anyhow, how do people on ebay sell certain items for $0.99 providing free delivery worldwide? Do they provide their buyers with tracking numbers too? Thanks for the video bro, cleared a lot of my doubts!!

  13. is not allowed but i had a course buy it and buy from aliexpress and dropship* by sarwar this is what is happening .

  14. Hi Sarwar, thank you for this video. Quick question: can I list products from Amazon and Aliexpress onto the same eBay account or do I need different eBay accounts?

  15. To work with wholesale supplier, don't I need to buy products in bulk?

  16. Thank you for this video, can you please demonstrate a live example of processing an order once you get it at eBay and how you place it in Aliexpress, whether you write the supplier a specific message, do you write the eBay buyer a message directly, do you creat Invoices directly, i just feel that i dont work efficiently and sometimes forget some steps and i have difficulties keeping track. Thank you so much for your time and great content

  17. Do you still use hustle got real or is there better listing software out there? Also amazing videos my man, new to the channel and can't stop watching!!

  18. So dont you recommend shopmaster?

  19. Very useful your information. But videos are very length and lots of repeat talk and few useless talks. If you can reduce much better.

  20. Hi Sanwar, Been following all your videos latelyπŸ‘all your info has helped me massively.thanks.

  21. I have a feeling you already made this video

    Is the reuploaded?

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