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Essential Tools For Scrap Metal Recycling – How To Make Money Scrapping

Essential Tools For Scrap Metal Recycling – How To Make Money Scrapping

Wondering what tools you need for scrapping? Folks are asking, so here’s my answer to all the essentials for scrap metal recycling, broken down into two categories; every day carry, and scrap space at home tools. Less than you think!

Wire stripper I use: https://amzn.to/3jrO2iS
The motorized stripper: https://amzn.to/3y0JMuQ
The wire cutters I like: https://amzn.to/2T6j3OW
This is the cheaper version: https://amzn.to/2SwrYsB
And here are those grips I recommend: https://amzn.to/2QCJmYl
The big cable cutters: https://amzn.to/3z4zXwz
And the cheaper ones: https://amzn.to/2Uc4J88

(If you make a purchase on amazon through the links above, a small amount of what amazon makes on the sale is shared with me. It’s a great way to help support my channel, at no additional cost to you. Even if you buy something other than my tool recommendations!)

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29 thoughts on “Essential Tools For Scrap Metal Recycling – How To Make Money Scrapping

  1. Where do you get those bags you use for cans/bottles?

  2. great info to the beginners 😉
    great video

  3. J B

    Thanks for the project shop reference and all the knowledge you bring.. Need more channels like this

  4. AND THE MEDICAL AID KIT TOO(mine has crazyglue in it because of you cople yrs ago ;-))
    easy acces all the time in the truck and always refill it up too after use it

  5. VERY DETAIL LIST good job but totally forgot the main one
    tthe 10lbs sledge hammer
    keep doing the thing

  6. Been scrapping for 45 years, I enjoyed your video and think you were spot on the necessary tools. As to air compressor or acetylene torch; I use my compressor every day haven't used my torch in years. But when I was younger and cutting up farm equipment the torch sure was handy

  7. It has been great seeing you go from hippie in a Vibe, rummaging through trash bins to something like this, where you seem like more of a (hippie) TV host with presentation skills. I love you either way, good to see the versatility and variety you are bringing to the channel.

  8. As for the smaller cable cutters, harbor freight has then super cheap. Definitely worth it for say dryer or oven cords.

  9. Dang, dude! You are rockin' it. Love the intro.

  10. I scored 146 lbs of aluminum gutters yesterday. And a big fn stove. Thing weighed 400 lbs. Already made 82 bucks and it's only 9:15 a.m

  11. I've found the best time to go is early in the morning. Or about 6 o'clock in the evening.

  12. Great Video Thanks i do scraping too

  13. Yalls yard restrictions are way more stringent than ours down here.

  14. Dudes gettin some guns doin all that liftin.

  15. Nicely presented as usual Thub! You have a great style – but I'm not so sure about the "old-man hardware store employee" overalls! 🤣🤣 I think you covered everything pretty well to help the newbies! The only other thing I could think of is a security bit set for the drill.

  16. Awesome video my dude!
    As a vehicle I always use my bike. My scrapyard accepts it and I usually only have to cycle 3 times (around 2-3 hours in total, I live closeby relatively speaking) to move around 150kg of metal (330 pounds).
    Although I usually only get around 20-30 euro’s per time, it’s honest work and I very much enjoy it.

  17. I always keep extra ratchet straps in my pickup truck incase I have those extra big loads better safe than sorry

  18. I love this list! Well done, I'd add a cold chisel to the list, it has become my new favorite partially for breaking welds on transformers to remove the windings

  19. I went from a hooptie dodge caravan scrapper to an SUV. (first Gen expedition) I definitely have better weight hauling capacity, but those mini vans with the seats taken out are roomy! I kind of store my stuff in my vehicle between runs to my parents house due to no garage so I have to be covered. No pickup. Anyway blah blah. Yeah this one didn't necessarily help me but I appreciate you. Keep doing the thing from Sacramento, CA USA.

  20. "Pry bar screwdriver" 😂 something everyone does but OSHA hates. Loving the apron btw

  21. Nice shout out to Project Shop FL, I like his videos almost as much as yours!

  22. A utility knife for stripping wire. It's much more safe. I have cheap 2×4 n angle iron ramps for my truck. Bolt cutters can come handy. Plus a file. Garbage bags for cans.

  23. Where did you buy that wire stripper at? and how much did you pay for it?

  24. You're actually the reason why I'm getting into scrapping! Appreciate all the great vids!!

  25. Most of my tools I got as scrap. I have to get another battery powered grinder. But. I will tell you this ,get a metal chop saw. My greatest investment, $120 at princess.
    I too have a Ranger and have moved TONS. I have been doing this for the last 9 years. It is amazing what I've learned in that time.

  26. Nice video, I have a truck with a open trailer. I would post a pic if I could here. Have you considered a trailer to hall more in?

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