|Episode 154| DJ Sbu on Life After Lockdown , Business, Africanism , Gary Vee

|Episode 154| DJ Sbu on Life After Lockdown , Business, Africanism , Gary Vee


The brand, DJ Sbu has shaped youth culture and their thinking in South Africa over the past 15 years since 2001. Despite his tough upbringing in Tembisa, he has overcome obstacles on his journey and made a name for himself using his media talents on national television and radio. Over the past decade Sbusiso has worked on national platforms exposing his brand and personality to 25 million people per week. Sbusiso first made a name for himself in the music and entertainment industry. His company TS records of which he is a co-owner has produced and continues to produce hit music and popular artists in South Africa with continental appeal.

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47 Thoughts to “|Episode 154| DJ Sbu on Life After Lockdown , Business, Africanism , Gary Vee”

  1. This was too nice, educational, encouraging, reassuring. Thanks DJ Sbu. What we want we already have within us.

  2. Can we have an episode with Dj Sbu and Scoop

  3. Sbu could've pivoted his alcohol business to provide sanitizer,I wonder if he saw it coming

  4. yet in truth grootmaan is gonna achieve it because the more millionaires he has made the closer he is to becoming it

  5. I would love to listen to a chat between DJ Sbu and Amanda Seals from the US(The real talk show host) about Black excellence… it would be a nice listen.
    #Mac G you doing a good job up you will go!
    #listening from New Zealand

  6. Sbu give Mac G a chance to ask a question.

  7. It's always a pleasure to listen to you grootman, DJ Sbu🙏🏽

  8. Powerful💪 words! Danki Grootman

  9. Thanks MacG for bringing Dj Sbu again. I got mad love for this guy

  10. I can listen to sbu the whole day his Someting else we truly nided this thanks MacG great interview I think him,scoop and dineo ranaka for me are the top 3 best interviews I have seen so far oh my I love it wen he touches on the law of attraction

  11. Mac G becomes so uncomfortable when he is complimented on something 😅

  12. #RoadTo40K 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  13. Does anyone know why MacG was fired from Highveld?
    I know YFM fired him for being homophobic but I am not sure why 94.7 fired him.

  14. Talk as much as you want DJ Sbu. We love the gems you always drop.

  15. Members like the Only Fans gang lol

  16. What Sbu is saying is so true, ive been living in Florida & currently moved to New Mexico, soon as Americans hear your from SA eyes👀,👂 ears👂 are like🤔.

  17. Thank you Mac G for bringing Dj Sbu in, he's my role model and I think he's story and hustle is amazing. Much love.

  18. Dj sbu still believes in the Bible 😲

  19. The content I signed up for🔥🔥

  20. Such a dope interview, Very informative. THANKS YOU DJ SBU for the Gems you've dropped…

  21. Can we get Dj sliqe on the show I never knew he was venda I wanna know more about him please mac g Hendaa

  22. I love this interview

  23. You are on your calling too, MacG. Your interviews are so flawless.

  24. I winder if MacG gets Superchats.. his content is too dope guys.

  25. Podcast&chill with Mofaya🔥☄️

  26. Macg I think you must change the title to the most powerful interview of 2020. People need to see this especially young black people🔥

  27. This interview is powerful 😭

  28. Thank you mabena Mac for your hard work this is amazing

  29. I love what dj sbus said in the beginning about Mac n the podcast.

  30. Not a lot of South African celebrities talk like this, keep it up Sbu history will remember you 💪💪

  31. This deserve super likes coz DJ Sbu coming thru with the bars only

  32. Everyone should be following Dr Sebi's way of eating. The mucusless diet!

  33. Dankie DJ Sbu and Mac G 🔥🔥

  34. lol what challenges have u met sbu?

  35. Scoop needs to be apart of the conversation

  36. That’s it I finally have my answer, I always wondered why is that entertainers(DJs, artists, etc) seem to hv an expiry date for lack of a better word, with soccer it is understandable cos as u grow older u lose ur speed n sharpness, but Sbu finally broke it down to me artist do not hv an expiry date but their audience do grow n have different priorities n entertainment suddenly becomes list of their priorities and the Artist will suffer bcos they won’t pull the same numbers anymore, so ya it important to hv a long term plan in the entertainment industry build a strong foundation while u still on the mainstream.

  37. Like how he mentioned dropshiping.

  38. Catching up ✌✌💪💯

  39. I think I played against MacG on FIFA, Seasons. 🤔

  40. I like how sbu motivates without adjusting his character so he can be trustworthy to listen to. He is still the kasi Sbu 10 years ago just richer now.

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