Elementor WordPress Builder One Page Scrolling Site In 15 Minutes

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Elementor WordPress Builder One Page Scrolling Site Build In 15 Minutes. Elementor is a great new WordPress page builder plugin. In this series of videos we will go from initial install to building a working WordPress website with the Elementor builder.

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5 Thoughts to “Elementor WordPress Builder One Page Scrolling Site In 15 Minutes”

  1. Wow, this was exactly what i was looking for.
    I tried onepress free it was good but highly limited in free option, and this video solved the problem bcoz onepress charges 49$ 😮 something for this type of one page plus/pro version 😂. One thing, can v get sections navigation dot like how its available in onepress ?
    Another thing how would be page load times for a one page scrolling site made with Elementor compared to onepress theme?(considering same hosting for both )

    one more request, can ve make interactive forms free in wordpress>elementor like wprequal form mentioned here https://wprequal.com/
    Try the Pre-Qual Form
    Get Pre-Qualified Today! For ?
    Pls share a video if available or kindly make one pls? i need to capture leads at the backend like how wpforms,etc does, based on the inputs provided in the interative form, same just like wprequal Pre-Qual Form?


  2. So simple, easy and very quick, thank you very much

  3. That was so easy. Thanks

  4. This is such a great help! Thanks so much sir! Blessings..

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