Elementor Tutorial: How To Make Responsive Elementor Image Slider With WordPress

How to create an amazing image slider with Elementor❓In this webinar, Alexandra Payne, an expert with TemplateMonster, shows a step-by-step process of creating Elementor slider responsive images with buttons. Visit Elementor Marketplace to find your perfect theme https://www.templatemonster.com/elementor-marketplace/

01:44 One Subscription: amazing benefits for your website
06:22 Image slider example based on Monstroid2 WordPress theme https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/monstroid2.html
12:49 How to configure image slider in Elementor: background, adding videos
18:09 How to make image slider responsive in Elementor
23:11 Slider examples created in JetSlider plugin
24:54 How to make Image Carousel in Elementor
37:23 How to make full page slider in Elementor

🔴Elementor Image Slider: 3 KEY reasons to watch this webinar

☑️After watching this webinar you will have a solid knowledge of how to create responsive design using one of the most popular WordPress theme builder tools – Elementor.
☑️You will see how the TemplateMonster team approaches various challenges and how they create high-performance, responsive designs.
☑️You will learn everything you need, like how to add an image slider in Elementor, create buttons and how to create an Elementor full-width image slider.

💡WordPress is a popular platform to create websites. It’s used worldwide and it has millions of users all over the world. It offers a wide range of tools that can be used to create websites fast. However, Elementor makes the whole process even easier, so you can focus entirely on design and not on the technical side.

💡A responsive design can make your website not only look and work better, but it can also increase the number of visitors because people tend to use websites that work fast (the loading time is low) and easy to navigate.

💡An image slider is a perfect option if you want to demonstrate various offers or products. The great thing about the Elementor image slide is that it allows you to add buttons that you can use to lead customers to other pages. The Elementor builder is powerful and versatile, you can create a nice image slider from scratch and make it look and work as you want.

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